https://cnx.org/contents/[email protected]:[email protected]/Introduction-to-Sociology Chapter 10  1. Watch this video encircling cleanlyly breathe-into: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coxgFQvgmZQ - What stands out to you encircling the global substance of undisguised drinking breathe-into? Why does this substance rest? Which sociological assumption (functionalist, contest, or symbolic - see lad 10.3 of our textbook) do you most line-up after a while when thinking through this compound result? Why? (10 points) 2. Pretend that you are a sociologist studying global inadequacy. Which kingdom do you start studying and why? What would be one investigation that you'd love to duck thick into agreement? What is choice encircling your chosen kingdom and the way that they accept dealt after a while inadequacy? (15 points) Chapter 11 Part 1: "One appearance of nicety that is repeatedly disregarded is the libertys that dominant bunchs possess at the price of others," - Anonymous Elaborate on this plead. How accept 'dominant bunchs' (dominant businesses, dominant races, dominant organizations, etc.) possessed liberty at the price of others (interveniently or straightly)? Be biased. How has this symbol of nicety affected our company today? (10 pts) Part 2: Choose an ethnic/racial lad in the United States (Asian, Black, Hispanic, Chinese, etc.) and inform us encircling their narrative in the United States and how that has shaped the cultural and racial patterns give today in the bunch. Accept they been discriminated opposite? How? How did they tally? Read lad 11.3, "Theories of Race and Ethnicity" in our textbook. Which assumption (conflict, symbolic, structural) best lines up after a while the ethnic/racial lad that you accept chosen? Why? (15pts) Be biased and aid your member classmates imply the narrative and incident astern the racial/ethnic bunch that you accept chosen. Ask investigations and portion-out your own indivisible thoughts on the results of inadequacy oppositeness the bunch you've chosen.