CONTRACTIONS READING WORKOUT RRR-1.docx UNIT 2 ENF 3 DL 02 LEARNING ACTIVITIES 2019 FALL-2.docx For each literature ace, you earn finished a whole of ten activities (One intelligence is constantly the Balbutiation Workout Challenge.)  Each intelligence is value ten points and must be labeled delay the call of the associated article or video. Some activities are very short; others are longer and claim further conceit.  All are very doable if you learn and object the assigned materials antecedently you undertake the activities.   All ten  activities must be finishedd  and yieldted as one Microsoft Word Document, so prevent your activities as you finished them and halt to yield behind you keep finishedd all ten.  Name your assignment documents as "Activities for Ace 1", "Activities for Ace 2"...etc.     You yield by singly initiation the "To Do" patience join delayin your passage in  Blackboard. Assignments  submitted one at a date or by way of email earn not be graded.    It is momentous to remain prevalent as the activities and the learning and objecting materials are cumulative and each new ace is naturalized on attainments from the anterior one(s).