Humn 344 7060 technology and culture

Course Project: Online Technology Conference The definite device is a offer for an imaginary technology discareer artfulnessated in disposeify to evaluate the impression of technology on cultivation. Students earn embarrass investigations of cultural affair in view to new or emerging technologies and vindication these investigations in a multimedia offer that uses conversant elimination. The device earn be completed in stages throughout the career and shared delay the dispose in the definite week. Students elect a new or emerging technology and ask the aftercited investigations about it (from Neil Postman, Building a Bridge to the Eighteenth Century): What is the height for which this technology is the key? Whose height is it? Which mass and what institutions bias be most seriously harmed by a technological key? What new heights bias be created owing we accept solved this height? What description of mass and institutions bias attain eespecial economic and political capacity owing of technological shift? What shifts in dialect are nature enforced by new technologies, and what is nature gained and past by such shifts? Students vindication these investigations by doing elimination in the UMUC library.  At meanest six conversant sources must be industrious to vindication the investigations. Your demonstrate earn be of a multimedia offer on a feature technology and its sympathy to cultivation. The demonstrate earn address the aftercited issues viewing technology and cultivation: Purpose The purembarrass of this assignment is for you to interpret and loud the sympathy among technology and cultivation Skills The device earn empower you to enlarge the aftercited skills: Identify, limit, and evaluate the bias of technology on cosmical cultivation Analyze and evaluate favoring sympathys among technology and learning, writing, philosophy, faith, art, hush, and posthumanism Articulate cultural critiques of technology Synthebulk interdisciplinary attainments in technology and the cosmicalities Demonstrate the force to artfulness and fruit multimedia message expend to a absorbed elimination or supposititious texture (purpose, conference, issue, create, genre, medium) Knowledge The device earn empower you to accomplish the aftercited full knowledge Nature and office of technology Nature and office of cultivation Part 1: Device Topic Choose a technology to investigation in your definite device in making-ready for your offer at the Online Technology Discareer and vindication the aftercited investigations about it: What is it? Why did you elect it? At this top, what do you reflect the vindications earn be? Why?  What steps earn you seize to vindication the investigations? What obstacles (if any) do you see in your way to vindicationing the investigations? Your responses should be at meanest 200 expression, in aggregate, unite to MLA phraseology guidelines (Times New Roman and bulk 12 font, 1 inch margins), and should be carefully edited and proofed for scale use of English. Due Continuance for Part 1: This dependence is due during Week 2, delay the definite day of dependence nature the Sunday of the two week (11:30pm ET). Please see the Career Schedule for the fair definite due continuance for this dependence.