IT Security

   I demand a blunt entire FINAL  plan patronymic entire,  a well-conducted patronymic in IEEE format answering each of the identical aspects of the plan as laid out here: 0.      Drift statement 1.      Need/motivation for established on the drift. 2.      Prior/related is-sue in the lore review/survey, i.e., matter of is-sue in the lore – right cited in IEEE format. 3.      Your way to solving the drift. 4.      Why do you hold your way allure allow eminent results than that of your peers from tread 2. 5.      Timeline/schedule of operation items. 6.      Resources and skills demanded/required for fortunate total of plan. 7.      Benefits of fortunate total of your plan – benefits to the academic/industrial sympathy etc. 8.      The deliverable. Choose two out of the 3 tpocs..Please let it be entire it is a FINAL plan gladden. Identification and interruption of DDoS Attacks  Data Duplication Removal Using File Checksum Analysing Financial foothold using security Score Rating