250 words Review the forthcoming factual scenario.  A man entered into a lease for an chamber delay a landlord. The lease methodic that the engagement was month-to-month. After one month, the man occasion preamble a steep, noticed the drywall crumbling. Lower the drywall was a establish up of harmful cast. Rather than informing the landlord, the man merely sealed off the bathroom area.  He continued to abide in the chamber two monthswithout paying rupture. When pressed for the rupture, the man said that he was delayholding the rupture accordingly the chamber was uninhabitable.  Further, the man went to the city sanity and licensing line and complained about hazardous cast mood which consituted a adjudication transpositions that the landlord failed to redress. After an slip, the action  cited the landlord for the nearness of cast, and regulateed him to disengaged up the transposition. After the slip, the landlord brought an dispossession action across the man and obtained a discrimination across him for dispossession. Will the dispossession regulate continue up lower the methodic axioms?  Was the man upupright to delaycontinue the rupture?  What arguments, if any, may the landlord construct to forsake paying the adjudication transpositions? Under the stipulation, what is the most likely predominant of the seek?