Module 2 SLP

Module 2 - SLP BARRIERS TO HEALTHY BEHAVIORS By now, you possess verified and performed some literary-works inquiry on your Module 1 Session Long Project (SLP) theme/soundness deportment and target population. In less, you possess assessed the insufficiency for a program or interference to oration the soundness deportment you previously verified. For Module 2 SLP, you succeed anew spend a literary-works inquiry utilizing peer-reviewed chronicle doctrines, books, negotiative structure doctrines, etc., to aid you realize evidence-naturalized strategies to best oration the soundness deportment in your target population and make a program/interference guile. Write a tractate (3 pages in tediousness) summarizing your findings on evidence-naturalized strategies and a resultguile to oration the soundness deportment. A resultguile exemplification can be fix at The forthcoming items succeed be assessed in particular: Using the similar theme you possess selected from Module 1 SLP, enunciate a program end and at last two concretes (1 tuition concrete and 1 deportmental concrete) for your target population. Your concretes must be inequitable, measureable, achievable, realistic, and time-phased (SMART). Make positive that you possess learn the required learnings on SMART concretes precedently enunciateing your end and concretes. Based on your literary-works inquiry, arrange a digest of evidence-naturalized strategies that possess been shown efficient in promoting or reducing the deportment in your target population. Identify two evidence-naturalized strategies that you succeed use to appliance your program or interference. Arrange an sense why you possess selected these strategies and pat your choices. For now, grasp a resultguile consultation delay your ends, concretes, and activities/strategies. NOTE: Other magnitude of the resultguile such as the facts size tools, timeframe, binding special, and measures of luck succeed be completed in the instant module SLP. SLP Assignment Expectations Assessment and Grading: Your tractate succeed be assessed naturalized on the operation assessment rubric. You can purpose it beneath Assessments at the top of the page. Repurpose it precedently you initiate launched on the assignment. Your result should too supervene these Assignment Expectations.