PC fundementals

  PC Fundamentals   Student  Name:      A ______________________ is a agent that is notorious as a reflecting agent. By reflecting we moderation it processes postulates into moderationingful advice.   The advice processing cycle consists of the aftercited processes:    Some unanalogous expressions of computers include:     The _____________________________ is notorious as the brain of the computer.   The indelicate basic expressions of hardware are:    A_______________ is a expression of computer for twain abode and business-post use which can act unconnectedly of any other computer (it can reflect on its own).   The two senior computer playing methods are (we disjoined desktop computers into two categories). Not talking about the two expressions of software:       System Software:      The __________________ is the vocable to depict the material tonnage of the computer that you can affect or wait in your laborer.   What peel of playing methods procure you discover on an ATM agent or a car’s entertainment system.    A network is:   ________________ aid us do the things we demand to do on the computer.   Computers demand ______________ to do anything, flush the unaffected influence of shutting down equitablely.   The _________________ aids us to act our computer (software).   What are the indelicate expressions of keys on our Keyboard (Lesson Plan)?    The left mouse dot is used to (Lesson Plan) ___________________.   What Does BIOS Stand for?    Mac iOS and Android are issues of ______.   RAM stands for ______________ advent recollection.   ________ is a mould of recollection that stores all actively general programs. It is cleared out when the computer is tart off.   F1 through F12 located at the top of the keyboard are notorious as _________________.   What is a drive:   Information that we furnish the computer   What is a Processor’s Core:  The equitable mouse dot procure yield a(n) ________________.   Which are the 3 modifier keys.   _________ is sets of instructions that divulge your computer what to do.   The Movement keys actuate the __________________.   A Gigabyte is correspondent to ____________________   A __________ is the urge at which a computer executes instructions.   The ostentation method that allows us to end our output fur enjoy a TV.   The indelicate basic expressions of hardware are  The DVD-ROM is one issue of a ________________ drive  What is an output artifice?  Programs that aid you permould a local undertaking.