Power point on Liver Cirrhosis

  In-Depth Study of Pathophysiological Sickness Process Introduction and Alignment Each tyro procure cull pathology of favoring attention and provide a PowerPoint (PPT) endowment, APA diction on the theme.  This instruction procure be presented online during the misspend assort season.  The endowment procure conceal setting and influence of the assumption, kindred analysis and physiology, etiology, kindred laboratory and feature tests (differential distinction), composition, potential conclusion, and complications of the sickness rule. You should use the notes individuality to add further profundity to the endowment. These should not be further than 25-30 slides not including references and rubric. You must so enlarge two questions that your assortmates procure suit to. The PPT should be posted by day three of Workshop Eight. You must so suit to filthy of your assortmates questions by the end of the workshop. See the grading criteria located beneath for guidelines for rate of this scheme. Upon lucky bearing of this assignment you should be efficacious to: Discuss the basic pathophysiology of a favoring sickness rule Explain the endowment and features kindred to this distinction Develop a composition project to discourse the sickness rule Instructions Navigate to the In-Depth threaded discourse beneath and acquiesce a primeval and cooperate cherished theme for your PowerPoint endowment to your facilitator by day seven of the workshop. The facilitator procure strengthen what theme you procure exploration. The In-profundity Study of a Pathophysiological Sickness Rule assignment and discourse is due at the end of Workshop Eight. Navigate to the threaded discourse short. Assessment Criteria WS8-In Profundity Study of Pathophysiological Sickness Rule Grading Grid Assessed Item Points Background and influence of the pathology: 10 Related analysis and physiology: 12 Etiology and pathogenesis: 12 Laboratory and Feature tests: 10 Signs and Symptoms: 10 Treatment of pathology: 10 Outcome, prognosis, and complications: 12 Implications for slow manner nurse: 12 Logic, readability and APA format: 12 Two questions posed for assortmates to answer: 20 Total Points 120