Prepare a summary presentation for the Kent Chemical Executives using PowerPoint that includes the checklist items below.

   You earn lay a epitome delivery relating the Kent Chemical event. Presentations are a compulsory expertness for the suitable authoritative. In this Assignment each part of the team earn entertain an opening to performance this expertness. Assignment 1: Team Assignment Prepare a epitome delivery for the Kent Chemical Executives using PowerPoint that includes the checklist items under.  Checklist: Include a Title slide Introduction (one slide) A epitome of the problems oppositeness Luis Morales as he began implementing Ben Fisher’s interdiplomatic exposition manoeuvre. (2 slides) A epitome evaluation of the organizational changes he made in vindication to those problems. (1–2 slides) A epitome of the gentleman appraise of the Sterling Partners consulting services that they supposing. (1–2 slides) An overview of what Morales should applaud. (2–3 slides) A call to enjoyment in-reference-to what Ben Fisher should determine. (1–2 slides) References (1 slide) The summit classification for the delivery earn be as follows: 50% (25 summits): Content addressing checklist items, standpoint, and organization 30% (15 summits): Analysis, dubious thinking, and persuasion 20% (10 summits): Authoritative delivery, clarity of slidesTotal summits for delivery = 50 Additional Instructions: Slides - It is essential that the slides be streamlined, thrilling, and authoritative. The use of an expend template and SmartArt to graphically portray advice is exceedingly encouraged. The eldership of the point should be placed in the notes sections. Respond using a partiality of 10 slides.   Reference Bartlett, C. A., & Winig, L. (2012). Kent Chemical: Organizing for interdiplomatic development. HBS Brief Cases.