Sociological Imagination Watch the video Sam Richards: A essential test in empathy. After watching the TED video and lection the individuality environing the Sociological Imagination, obtain?} the judgmentapex of an without bystander to criticize your vivacity. First, cull one idiosyncratic trial that was meaningful to you. Second, cull a judgmentapex opposed from your own. It can be another gender, course, commonwealth, or perchance someone from a opposed subculture. Finally, transcribe environing the three apexs listed beneath. Write a 500 or further signal tract discussing each assignment apex listed beneath. 1.    Describe the idiosyncratic trial as an withoutr might draw it. (hint: depending on what you cull and the perspective you cull, this may claim a brief scrutiny) 2.    Describe how that trial was influenced by community buildings (e.g. unvarnished results, belief, or traditions) 3.    Finally revisal the impure main perspectives and theorists allied to those perspectives. What hypothesis most applies to the idiosyncratic trial you drawd and why do you judge this hypothesis applies? Your tract must understand a address fencing and at lowest 2 without references.  Only the mass of the tract gain calculate in your signal claimment. To aid you arise your highest tract, I possess abandoned you an model of a idiosyncratic trial, the building that aided to figure this result, and the hypothesis that I would apportion to it. Although what is listed beneath is an contour, I would love you to transcribe in condition make. Example: Personal trial: wedding Viewpoint: perspective of a individual from the subcontinent India 1.    Description: Wedding itself was brief, herd was weak, took assign without of hometown, and the bride wore white 2.    Social Structure: body of wedlock, wedlock laws, and devout traditions 3.    What hypothesis: negotiativeism a.    Why this hypothesis: negotiativeism supports political building that is negotiative for community and wedlock is negotiative for families and households To judgment your assignment rubric, fascinate click close.