Week 1_ Assignment 1

  Assignment Content Resource: Grading Guide: Avocation Issues As a first-year Human Resource Specialist at “State of Estates” property planning established, your boss (Will N. Trusts) presents you after a while the forthcoming two scenarios: Scenario 1 Gary, an property planner, toils on a form premise for our clients at “State of Estates”. On create, we form Gary to manage a biased client for a biased property planning job. Per our form after a while Gary for these biased clients, he is compensated errand on a weekly premise domiciled on the overall fee ordinary by the established. When toiling for these biased clients, Gary is potent to use our business-post immeasurableness, equipment, and any anticipation essential to exhaustive the job. To secure accordant toil fruit and regulatory submission, Gary submits his toil to a supervisor, who approves it and grant it to the client on advantage of our established. Recently, we had to lay Gary off in the intermediate of a job and he filed for unavocation satisfaction. What legitimate tests could be filled to enumerate whether Gary is an fractions formor or employee? Based on these tests, what is your misrecord as to Gary’s status: fractions formor or employee? Scenario 2 Susan, a financial fruits delegated-to-others in our Nebraska business-post, landed a greater Mutual Fund client upright six weeks precedently planning to secede. In the interim, and precedently her errand was compensated, she was let go by our established. We did not accept a form for avocation after a while Susan. She is now suing us for dishonest achievement. Would any litigious to Susan’s at-will avocation exercise underneathneath these term? Does it frame a dissimilitude if Susan was filled in our Florida business-post? Apply the concept of avocation at-will and its manifold litigious, including dissimilitudes in path to at-will inchoate the states. Write two 175-word memorandums domiciled on the scenarios in one muniment. The memos should be written in third-person utterance, and enclose citation of references (twain in-text and at the end of the memo) in APA format. Submit your assignment.