week 8 Religious Diversity

   Religion and Privilege For citizens in some countries, devotional cruelty is contemptible and crave lasting. Occasion insubservience of sanctity is guaranteed in the U.S., devotional pharisaism stagnant exists. According to the Equal Opportunity Employment ministry, the calculate of lawsuits improved for devotional insight doubled among 2000–2010 (Pledger, 2011). Political workers must be nimble for the close ways that devotional liberty functions. By creating an awareness of the liberty loving to some occasion marginalizing others, political workers can know how this unfairness impacts their clients. Post  1-an interpretation of the connections among liberty and sanctity.  2-Describe a seat in which members of a sanctity test liberty.  3-Describe a seat in which members of a sanctity test devotional cruelty. 4-Research and announce on a seat in which that class testd matter on the other end of the spectrum of cruelty or liberty, either in the offer day or during an precedent unromantic time.   Mogahed, D. (2016, February). What do you fancy when you face at me [Video improve]. Retrieved from https://www.ted.com/talks/dalia_mogahed_what_do_you_think_when_you_look_at_me Phelp-Roper, M. (2017, February). I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here's why I left [Video improve]. Retrieved from https://www.ted.com/talks/megan_phelps_roper_i_grew_up_in_the_westboro_baptist_church_here_s_why_i_left Please procure intimation and headers for each interrogation.