What Processes Or Practices Are Used To Developed International Mindedness In IB PYP Schools/Learners (This Is The Research Question

It should as-well include  15 compatriot critique creed. acronyms: IB: Interdiplomatic baccalaureate. PYP is elementary years program in the IB. I own established the PDF muniment gladden belong page 14, 15, and 16. subject-matter ends at page 16 top appellation singly declaration Each test is estimate 6% (30%total).                                                                                                                                   1step) Title- examination inquiry 2step) Background and tenor (what and why), Define the stipulations for issue interdiplomatic mindedness, IB and PYPs, why it is considerable to your scope (past I am doing overpower of teaching in interdiplomatic curricum, I own to communicate an interpretation why and IB is considerable), what appearance of IB attainment compatriot critique addressed the examination inquiry, draft your subject-matter (using 1 to 3 examination inquirys) 3 stalk) Positionality:  (use 'I')- what led you to choosing this subject-matter? Why is this example in your scope. What do u expectation understand from this attainment critique?  What theortical perspective are you guile. 4th stalk) Initial attainment Critique >coding> categorize the topic and method up accordingly>How does it reach topic>Analyze the attainment critique in your favour to ascertain your point/ perspective. 5th stalk)Methodology >Databases selected> quest stipulations(proposal examination let to GR)> what worked and what did not worked> Incusion criteria(which sources you earn convergence on?). 6th stalk References > APA format 6th edition. Find points from the creed to ascertain or disclaiming the examination inquiry systematic. And what are some example and areas that the word or authors set-up time doing the examination.