500 words, 4 hrs U4A1

Journal Questions Part 1 -- The Hearth and the Salamander 1) Montag thinks, For how abundant nation did you understand that refracted your own capricious to you? Nation were more often he searched for a simile, institute one in his employment torches, flashing detached until they whiffed out. How casually did other nation’s faces transfer of you and hurl end to you your own countenance, your own innermost jarring conception? What does he average? Do you fit that most nation are torches instead of mirrors? Why or why not? 2) Clarisse tells Montag, “No one has any space anymore for anyone else.” How is this gentleman in her globe? Is this gentleman of our globe today? Why or why not? 3) Clarisse says to Montag, “People don’t converse environing everything … They spectry a lot of cars or dress or swimming pools for-the-most-part and say how swell! But they all say the similar things.” Has collective media created conversations enjoy Clarisse describes? Why or why not? 4) Montag realizes how vacuity he feels when he admits that he would not cry if Mildred died. Whose omission is it that he feels vacuity? Does he accept the authority to work-out his worthlessness? Do nation today accept the authority to work-out their worthlessness? Why or why not? 5) Beatty argues that nation, when faced after a while opposing ideas, invent themselves painful and in insubordination. How does fellowship equalize the scarcity for understandledge and multiple viewpoints after a while hypothetically displeasing ideas and opinions? 6) Beatty tries to frame a compelling discussion that firemen are under obligation for guardianship the tranquillity consequently too much notice in the hands of any one peculiar leads to woe. Who should be under obligation for dispensing understandledge? Who should be under obligation for censorship? Why?