The Week 1 Forum consists of three different doubts. You accomplish reply one of the three doubts.  The separated doubt needs to be replyed delay an moderate post of at last 250 vote.    (1st doubt) Debate the differences betwixt financial and managerial accounting. What types of financial statements are used by transaction organizations? (2nd doubt) Compare and opposition the harvest and use of GAAP and IFRS. Do you reflect the implementation of international accounting standards is permissible? Please elucidate. (3rd doubt) Look at the origins and purposes of accounting and debate how our fellowship’s harvest has been unnatural by its use. Could our fellowship duty as it currently does delayout accounting? Please elucidate. Instructions: Your moderate confutation should be no close than 250 vote. Reply to at last two of your classmates.  Replies to classmates should be a minimum of 100 vote and embody frequented doubts. In-text citations and references may be in APA format but is NOT required. Refer to the Forum Grading Rubric underneath for joined guidelines.