Turnitin Assignment #2 (Literature Review)        Assignment Instructions:All written assignments must be submitted via incline it in dropbox area, must be on a  Microsoft Expression Document, be in special APA format: Meaning that your assignments should be typed out, font largeness 12 font, font indicates: Times New Roman, Ariel, or Calibri, typical margins (no past than 1 inch), enfold spaced, .5 indentation at the origin of each section and .5 relying references. Mould certain your heading page remain of your indicate (First and Last), Panther ID compute and inquiry subject-matter/heading (APA format).You succeed behove the material stuff cheerful by conducting inquiry domiciled on your selected heading/subject-matter and then reporting your findings in a theoretically publishable manuscript. You do not reach to solicit plaudit for your subject-matter. Choose any health/healthcare cognate subject-matter of your excellent that you reach is a forcible collection amid the United States. For each written assignment mould certain you harangue all required instructions/criteria as eminent amid each assignment located amid the assignment instructions/grading rubric.There's no peculiar aggregate of pages and or expression sum for each assignment. Harangue all questions presented and if the instructions/criteria states a section mould certain your sections remain of  minimum of five finished sentences.