***IMPORTANT**  250 say for EACH PART delay one erudite intimation and in-text citation in APA.  Part 1  · Question 1: In what way(s) do the demand for victory, the demand for explosion, and the demand for command rehearse to your is-sue operation? Your motivation? Which of the demands generally bias you the most? Illustrate a period in which that bias led to a indirect upshot. What information did you acquire from the habit? OR · Question 2: Organizations use rewards to dispose, restrain, and motivate inhabitants.  Larger companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Aetna can bestow to exhibit employees costly rewards and incentives.  Smaller companies experience it very obscure to contend delay those rewards programs.  If you were a supervisor for a little corporation, spectry three (3) incentives or rewards you would exhibit your employees to irritate fidelity and job atonement. Reflect on this week’s arrange esthetic to living your defense. Part 2 - 250 say delay one erudite intimation and in-text citation in APA.  Question 1: In today’s complicated is-sue environment, do you regard it is likely for an form to consist when all command is analogous shared, or do you apprehend there is over arrange in the environment when there is an illmatched disposal of command (leader-subordinate)? Explain. Be restricted. OR · Question 2: Research and illustrate an express corporation that you regard prosperityfully uses teamwork.  List three ways an looker-on can rehearse the prosperity of teamis-sue in this corporation? Describe the most talented team of which you enjoy been a constituent?  Why do you apprehend your team was prosperityful?  Use restricted examples.