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This is an assessment!!!!!!!!!!! No PLAGARISM!!!!!!!! 1. The National Medical Association was created in 1895 to represent:     a. African American physicians and heartiness professionals in the US     b. hospital administrators     c. hospitals and heartiness pains networks     d. physicians who adopted a "whole person" path to providing heartiness pains. 2. In 1910, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching issued the further than 180,000 General Electric employees had been supposing delay heartiness pains insurance:    a. further than 3,200 hospitals achieved plaudit beneath the Hospital Standardization Program    b. singly 89 of the 692 hospitals surveyed met requirements of the American College of Surgeons' Minimum Standard for Hospitals    c. singly one of the 155 medical schools in the US and Canada at that spell supposing an satisfactory medical education 3. Diagnosis kindred groups (DRGs) dispose inpatient hospital cases into groups that are expected to occupy harmonious hospital media. Which of the subjoined is idiosyncrasy of inpatient pains current beneath DRGs?     a. Inpatients are regularly communicated from the hospital to another inpatient pains setting    b. Inpatients are discharged from the hospital once their clever sight of sickness has resolved    c. Inpatients endure in the hospital until they are polite sufficient to be discharged home     d. Transfer facilities that confirm hospital inpatients typically produce high-cost pains 4. Identify a elder fact in the truth of separation of heartiness pains exhibition in the US then debate how the fact helped form heartiness pains today. Your apology should be at last 200 tone in elongation. 5. Identify the opposed types of crave-account pains facilities and debate the elongation of stays requirements for crave account facilities. Your apology should be at last 200 tone in elongation.