Designing a network

I insufficiency succor delay a network artifice device, attached is the requirements.  Note:  First Draft:   Layer2/3 artifice for network equipment (such as VLANs, IP Addressing),  Layer-3 Routing - how routing protocols (such as statics, IGPs, BGP) may be used in the artifice, and Policies. Final Draft:  Your all device should be exhaustive at this object.  The barely changes betwixt this account and your developed meekness should  barely be ecclesiastical in essence.    Final Project:  You procure insufficiency to furnish three deliverables: 1) An electronic redonation of the scheme muniment    2) A printed and skip redonation of the scheme muniment     3) A subsist in special donation of your scheme - A slide rank can be used.   expecting 10 - 15 minutes.  This is not a sales shake.  You should narrate how your scheme would grow the artifice requirements.   You procure insufficiency to picked a building and format for the projectning muniment.  You may cheap this muniment on any voluntarily suited representative you accept similarity to, or make your own format.  There are items that are implied but not specific in the requirements muniment.  You are playing to picked any uniform elucidation for these items, but you should muniment what you pickeded. For in, cobble cables are not discussed, but would be compulsory for the network to employment, so I would recite that all tangible cabling would be Category 6. At a stint, the project should enclose the subjoined key components: - Executive Compendium - A compendium, in your expression, of how all of the pieces couple concomitantly and to the broader network. - Tangible Artifice - which network devices to use, how the network devices are cabled, what tangible ports are used, torment, and dominion. - Logical Artifice - Layer2/3 artifice for network equipment (such as VLANs, IP Addressing) and Layer-3 Routing - how routing protocols (such as  statics, IGPs, BGP) may be used in the artifice. - Detailed Artifice - Explanation of what your elucidation is. Narrate how it procure be deployed, and enclose costing knowledge.     As embezzle, you may insufficiency to enclose written blocks of citation, step-by-step renewal items, expand sheets, and/or diagrams.