Did Jim and Laura Buy a Car?

  Jim and Laura Buyer mark the persomal car dealership owing they are  interested in buying a new car. The car they currently possess is aging and  is starting to possess unimpassioned problems. Jim and Laura would distribute the  new car, and use it to go tail and forth to fruit and develop. Before  going to the dealership, Jim and Laura career that they can barely concede  $400.00 a month in car payments. Once at the car dealership, Jim and Laura converge Stan Salesman. Stan  shows them separate vehicles and Jim and Laura test-drive separate of the  cars. Jim and Laura distinctly enjoy the blue-colored-colored 4-door sedan.  Therefore,  they concur to concede Stan Costermonger a $100.00 assurance to prop the car for a  day. Stan Costermonger does not concede them the reception but guarantees that  the $100.00 is refundable. No documents were signed.  The proximate day, Stan Costermonger calls Jim and Laura to ask them when they  would enjoy to select introduction of the car. Jim and Laura, on the way home  from the dealership, careerd that they were not going to buy the car  owing they did not nonproduction to lavish that capital each month. Therefore, Jim  and Laura explain Stan costermonger that they possess careerd not to buy the car  and petition their $100.00 assurance tail. Stan insists that the $100.00 was a assurance on the car and was meant  to be keep-akeep-apart of the retrench to buy the car. Stan is very permanent and  insistent that Jim and Laura possess retrenched to buy the car; consequently,  the $100.00 earn be applied to the acquisition charge of the car. Jim and  Laura are shocked and indignant as not barely do they not nonproduction to lavish the  money, but now move as though they are life duped by Stan Salesman.  Jim and Laura possess an Nursing Assignment to see a advocate in a few days, but  know you are a ward presentation a vocation law tabulate and succeed to you for  advice. They are very frazzled, and learnably overturn that they may  possess fitting acquisitiond a car. Since you possess been presentation vocation law, you  possess unravel and learn the elements of a retrench and the defenses to a  contract. Therefore, although you are not a advocate, you contribute some  basic direction from what you’ve versed in your vocation law tabulate. In three to five (3-5) pages, admonish Jim and Laura based on the over  axioms as presented, the embodied contributed in the passage, and embodied  covered in the disquisition. In your article, be assured to harangue the subjoined: Define the elements of a constitutional retrench using examples from the scenario where ry. Decide whether or not there was a retrench for the acquisition of the automobile.  Identify the axioms from the scenario which prop your determination on  whether or not a retrench exists for the acquisition of the automobile.  Use at smallest two (2) attribute academic instrument in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not adapt as attribute academic instrument. Format your assignment according to the subjoined formatting requirements:   Typed, envelop spaced, using Times New Roman font (bigness 12), delay one-inch margins on all sides. Include a clothe page containing the epithet of the assignment, the  student’s spectry, the professor’s spectry, the career epithet, and the date.  The clothe page is not comprised in the required page tediousness. Include a intimation page. Citations and intimations must thrive APA  format. The intimation page is not comprised in the required page tediousness.