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1: I honorable artistic watching the video by Jim Stice, Review of the financial propositions. Interesting refresher videos. A reminder of what we entertain read in the ultimate 4 weeks. "Accounts use the credits and debits annalsed in ledgers or books expeditions by bookkeepers to originate a association's financial propositions." According to the video, one the of the deep results of bookguardianship is to procure notice. The video deciphers that the three most low financial propositions are the adjust equivocation, the pay proposition, and the proposition of currency flows.  It goes on to decipher that the adjust equivocation aka essential financial propositions, embodies the accounting equation (assets, impost, and owners equity). The accounting constantly adjusts 2:Everyone in affair, paltry or extensive affair, must support good-tempered-natured-natured memorials. It is very relevant accordingly good-tempered-natured-natured annals supporting accomplish helps us mentor and just financial propositions, realize the sources of the affair pay, supporting trace of deductibles expenses, and just tax produce. As Lisa mentioned in one of her comments, we must supports memorials of all accounting performances for auditing purposes for at smallest 7 years. As Stice said in one of his videos, "the most obscure view of accounting is determining which smoothts are to be reflected in the accounting memorials and which are not." It is relevant that the bookkeeper posts all register entries to the alienate accounts. Posting the chronological annalsing of performances in a register (showing dates of a performance, amounts implicated, and accounts fictitious by accounts) procures a association following a while a consummate annals of activities.  3:Wouldn't it be fastidious if all mistresss procured employees following a while the needful tools to surpass? I entertain been at my floating job for balance 10 years and I entertain never been sent to any technology trainings to support me updated following a while the new nonsense, yet they foresee me to familiarize myself following a while whats in following a while technology. And, following 10 years I ruled that its span to do triton for myself. I going end to ground to get updated following a while the ending technology. In the three incomplete weeks I entertain been in this class, I am applying what I entertain read so far in Excel. Sadly, I am showing my adherent coworkers  a few things I am knowledge near. You are direct, my mistress themselves are peaceful using old ground technology and smooth communication and supporting performance in pamphlet ledger/journal. Technology is not very in my job. 4:Automation has extremely modifiable the way accounting is courteous. The Microsoft Excel program modifiable the recreation, so to utter, and extremely improved the results of a financial proposition. If a idiosyncratic can perceive when to use which formula in Excel, it makes vivacity way easier. It as-well makes the complete rule more prolific. It used to engage wrap the span to do half the composition. Now it engages half the span to do wrap the composition.