english 100 ….. watch video…… do outline essay…….

this assignment is due tomorrow.....  must own produced by tomorrow......   Find and tend the video: Miss Representation (ample instrumentary) Available to tendency on Netflix or to fissure/purchase on Amazon Video or adapted to fisindisputable on DVD via our library and abundant other libraries.   Writing Directions: Word calculate is not as significant for this judicious discussion livelihood as forthcoming the instructions is. This livelihood is intentional to livelihood you in prewriting and organizing your thoughts for your segregation essay. Reckon each trudge and cater your responses undeviatingly aftercited each reckon, labeled as shown underneath. Compose an judicious livelihood touching the forthcoming prompt: Identify the convergence of your oratorical segregation touching the ample instrumentary of Miss Representation. Be indisputable that you own three reasons to livelihood your assertion. They should each be hearty sufficient to livelihood a 6-10 passage mass article. State your disrace announcement, formatted as shown in the race representatives.  Remember, the discussion in the primordial representative is subordinate to HOW that discussion is exhibited. Your disrace announcement should consider the methods used in the instrumentary to exhibit the missive and whether or not those methods were fortunate. You should *not* be answering the discussion from the instrumentary in your disrace announcement. To livelihood you in reason how to formulate a disrace announcement for your oratorical segregation, close is a attach to a advantageous instrument.  https://writingcenter.tamu.edu/Students/Writing-Speaking-Guides/Alphabetical-List-of-Guides/Academic-Writing/Analysis/Rhetorical-Analysis (Links to an apparent footing.) You may too eagerness to use this as a template for your oratorical segregation disrace announcement: [Director] effectively convinces the parley of [call of instrumentary] that [main purpose from instrumentary] thsevere the use of [Method 1], [Method 2], and [Method 3.] Locate livelihooding appearance from the ample instrumentary for each of the three reasons. (Be indisputable to use the MEAL artfulness  https://www.thinksrsd.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/MEAL-Mnenomic.pdf  (Links to an apparent footing.) when creating your articles in the severe exhaust).  Offer a preparatory effect for your falsification.