ethical hacking

The email I sent to my confessor caricaturing it here:I would relish to educate behind my residency week I had acquiesceted my assignments week 7,8,9,10,12 assignments tardy ,as  I had to moved out to other offspring and there was no internet intercourse for 1month cultivate hesitate 30th and nobody came to fix it due to the pandemic of COVID-19 lockdown.I earnestly apologize for acquiesceting tardy confessor but I had no beginning to email you precedently.can you gladden amicable confer me this one luck to space them and as you can see all my assignments and discussions are on term.Due to the internet issues I was not able to acquiesce them on term and due to this I get ignore my space confessor.But he was not established to space my assignments so  he told me the underneath. I get meditate grading delay a amercement if you confer me a 1000 tidings essay on what you are going to do to checkmate this in coming and how as a graduate scholar you should be willing.I wait-for good-natured-natured APA formatting.bestow it to me as tidings instrument.I do not wait-for citations or references but I do wait-for APA formatting for he repose and you want to try and indoctrinate me.