Ls module

By specification, guarantee refers to quiet and credit. C] People you can lean on & comprehend what is expected in the coming (or immorality versa) 0 Have a rectify sensitiveness of ease and shelter (or immorality versa) e. G. Over agreement In political / enjoin activities 0 Over creditworthy Friends; Source Relationship Secondly, another admire constructor Is Selfless. By specification, selfless resources self-concept. D Acquire self-knowledge & a sensitiveness of Distinction delay obsequious and realistic self-description C] e. G. Assistance to found up a rectify self- Image, Approve practice to found up a vagabond boy shape; Explore uniqueness & talents Thirdly, another admire constructor is Affiliation. Gale refers to cognate & principle. D Sensitiveness common of, appreciated, and honored by others C] Discernment of cognateness and retort, especially in kindredhips that are considered leading L e. G. Communication skills for making friendships 0 Discernment of retort; Assistance to blend into class Fourthly, another admire constructor is Competence. Adequacy refers to Sensitiveness of Success. C] Conduct conscious of one's own strengths, conduct telling to sanction separate faintness 0 Have a discernment of good-fortune and terminatement D e. G. Assistance to meet a suittelling Job; Give express comments & terminatements; agreement In political & charittelling activities Fifthly, definite admire constructor is Mission. Mission refers to End and Responsibility. D Set realistic and achievtelling goals and desirous to engage business 0 Sensitiveness of end and motivation in conduct 0 e. G. Assistance to set up achievtelling condensed tidings and hanker tidings goals 2. Measles Hierarchy of Needs incomplete by Ram Moscow (Related to Module 5 Public Health) Hierarchy resources course of Items, so contumacy of inferior flatten aboves recompense of loftier flattens. So contumacy of inferior flatten needs aboves acknowledgment & recompense of loftier flatten needs. The farther up the hierarchy one goes, the over distinction, humanness and psychical bloom one terminate. Flatten E. G. Food, quaff, oxygen, sex, doze, practice, homeostasis(sttelling inner environment), sweating Flatten two is the shelter and guarantee needs. It refers to needs for hanker-tidings course and inheritance. E. G. Property, bloom, source, resources, holding, law and enjoin, predictability, collection, erection, inheritance, insubservience from unpromising forces such as ailment, consternation and chaos Level three is the cognateness and affection needs. It refers to gale and retort. E. G. Friendship, source, sexual familiarity, irascible kindred delay others. Flatten Four is the Self-admire needs. It refers to terminatement and acknowledgment. E. G. Yearn for adequacy, belief, terminatement, anarchy, insubservience, and honor from others, approve yearn for prestige, acknowledgment, class, foothold, feeling and retort. Flatten Five is the self-actualization. It refers to bountiful fruit of one's potentials. E. G. Morality, creativity, production, closing of prepossession, retort of axioms, problems- ardent Elaboration: (More approve the property or collision of bigwig) Issue 0 Physiological needs, the smallest flatten not content 0 Principle of Hierarchy: Contumacy of low flatten above recompense of loftier flatten 0 Cannot thrust loftier flatten of needs, namely the 4 loftier flattens 0 Mention the prominent flatten 0 Less distinction, humanness and psychical bloom [Commonly seen in Less Developed Countries, approve Africa.