marketing memo

   Type: Individual Project  Unit:  Researching the Communicate   Due Date:  Wed, 2/28/18  Deliverable Length:  1–2 page memo (notwithstanding protect and allusion pages)        Assignment Designation      Michelle  has asked you to despatch her a memo that elucidates the target communicate for  MM’s new consequence. Because a global communicate is beneath compensation, she  wants you and Elena to converge for an in-depth argument of the divergent  characteristics of your target communicate anteriorly despatching her the  information.  Elena converges you for coffee the next morning to elucidate her reasons  for advocating the global communicate. As you achieve your argument, Elena  stops and says, "We've discussed a lot of divergent communicate parts to target delay  the new consequence, but the exquisite comes end to you," says Elena. "What's  your latest sentence on the target communicate that we should rendezvous on? Are  you going to intend that we try to communicate this consequence globally? You pine, discerning this is a key sentence in your communicateing policy.  "I value our argument today. I'm going to accept to do some over  research to individualize the fit communicate and if we should go global or  not." You comprehend Michelle is expecting a elaborate designation of your  targeted communicate part including exculpation for selecting the  market. You too need to mind to enclose your admonition for or  against communicateing globally.   What are the demographic characteristics of your target communicate and why are they dignified?   Where is your target communicate located geographically and why is that dignified?   What psychographic characteristics mark-out your target communicate? How do these collision your communicateing policy?   What behavioral characteristics are shared by your target communicate? Why are these dignified?