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  Review the scenario, and then use the aftercited to make a narrative beginning. Narrative entries furnish the writer after a while an turn to convoke their thoughts and ruminate in a close formal way than they would in a transmitted essay. Although a narrative is not a transmitted essay in format or temper, all of the elements essential for cheerful adaptation stationary use, including heed to language, thoroughgoinggoing proofreading and spelling checks, and presenting views in an organized article building. Scenario As part of your company’s commitment to cultural awareness, each employee is urged to import a interest of art, investment, voice, or celebrity concordant that you opine represents your humanization and how you opine of yourself. For example: What is the notion of the quilt in the Alice Walker fiction, Everyday Use? Journal Entry Write a narrative beginning which is 1-2 double-spaced pages in diffusiveness that orationes the aftercited questions. You are not required to grasp a cloak page, but if you attribute to notice from your textbook or other sources, be positive you furnish in-text citations in harmony after a while APA requirements. Make positive you attribute to the rubric to enpositive you oration all the requirements for the article. For your narrative beginning, opine of 2 or 3 effects in your rise that are culturally, socially, or ethnically grave to you. Discuss the aftercited: Description: Identify the rise effects you possess selected and their origins. Interpretation/Reflection: Why are they so grave? What role do they denote in your rise fact? Reference MovieMan101pro. (2014, September 21). "Everyday use" Alice Walker [Video improve]. Retrieved from