Minute Paper Assignment #1 Due Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 by 11:59 pm Topic: Motivations & Intergenerational Linkages Case Study- The Fehardy Rangers of Southern Africa Points: 20 points In Moreto et. al. (2017), Occupational motivations and intergenerational linkages of outposts in Asia, they examine the separation floating innate and ascititious motivational factors and intergenerational linkages floating a abundantly hardy specimen of outposts in Asia. You bear watched a rotation of videos environing women that befit to all fehardy outpost units in Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe) root in the PDF presentation: Policing the Wild (RANGERS). Compare and contrariety what you attend in these documentary shorts versus the Moreto et al. (2017) exploration findings (6 pts). What are issue of ascititious motivational factors that appear to be motivating these women into a non-traditional calling (4 pts.)? What are the innate motivations (4pts.)? What are some of the intergenerational and familial aspects of these women’s performance (4 pts.)?