Read and answer the following questions:

  WEEK 9 HOMEWORK CH 11 pp 393-407 TOWARD RACIAL DEMOCRACY Compare and contrariety the three responses to racial inequality: complexionblindness, multiculturalism and racial democracy. What did the subject of Plessy v. Ferguson determine? Which Supreme Court reasonableness wrote the disavowal? What did he transcribe? What did Ricci v. deStefano determine? What did Gratz v. Bollinger determine? Who is Eduardo Bonilla-Silva? How did he determine the “linguistic demeanor and animated strategies” of complexion-blindness? What did Gutman say environing complexion-blindness (the complete note)? Who were St. John de Crevecoeur; Israel Zangwill? Give two facts environing the sociologist Robert Park. What are the impure stages of his “family kinsfolk cycle”? How does Kallen end his essay on hyphenation (the complete note)? What are the limits of hyphenation? What did Anderson say environing family kinsfolk in the workplace (complete note)? What is the “provincial canopy”? What did Du Bois transcribe environing multiculturalism (the complete note)? What did Lew Mumford transcribe environing the slumlord (the complete note)? In three sentences, picture the photo on page 404. What would racial reasonableness observe enjoy in the arena of housing? Education? Does the provincial particular see racial dissimilitude? Why or why not? How do the authors combine racial reasonableness delay the fictional characters in Moby Dick, Ishmael and Queequeg? What did Charles Horton Cooley own to say environing understanding (the complete note)?   WEEK 10 HOMEWORK CH 11 pp 408-422 TOWARD RACIAL DEMOCRACY: How do we induce environing modify? Name and determine the impure levels of modify that are requisite to consummate racial democracy. What is the bearing delay an particular asserting that, “I’m so wearied of hearing environing racism”? Why do career of complexion end to conditions delay their racial unity prior than most innocents? Describe the engagement at the mall of the innocent parents who had adopted noninnocent outcome delay their innocent chum. What did Du Bois medium by career of complexion having a “double intelligence” (the complete note)? How do the authors of your citation determine double intelligence? Name and picture the impure techniques to rest racist particulars dependent. What do the researchers in the family renegade reading overcome for? Why is difference government inadequate for dismantling racism (two reasons)? Give examples of antidiscrimination laws. Give examples of what William Julius Wilson’ nonracial solutions to end racism. What did Cesar Chavez say on cogitation of a epoch of redundant the UFW (the complete note)? Describe how workers in Hawaii formed a multiracial move opposite sugar seminary owners. Describe the Hawaii sugar workers surprise of 1946, including how desire it lasted. What did Frank Wu say environing the efforts of an interracial strive move (the complete note)? What is the 80/20 wonder?