reading assignment BASED on the attached files

   1-You are critiqueing proposals submitted for the “Lambert Park Phase 2” contemplation. Using the RFP evaluate 2 of the 4 proposals and beak them on the evaluation equivocation granted (severed yield improve, repudiate require for this assignment).                                                                                                           Co#1                                       Co#2 Criteria                                                                max         beak     commets      beak     commets                                                                                   points      Co#1        Co#1           Co#2         Co#2          Expertise, Trial & Training              25 Plus Previous Contracting History(25%)  The expertise, trial and  training of the proposer and its key  personnel and former trial  delay concordant achievement in concordant fields and  qualifications and profoundness of the staff  that conquer performthe achievement on this    project.  This rudiment includes evaluation of the proposer’s previous contracting history , including the critique of the proposer’s  certifications about to fib claims, debarment and well-behaved-mannered litigation.  Project Approach (40%) – The                    40 proposer’s responsiveness in developing  a embracing contemplation opportunity meeting  regulatory requirements and  the City’s peculiar needs  Schedule (10%) – Proposal for              10 completing the contemplation in a opportune manner, embracing of the proposer’s force to confirm fastidious paths for  the opportune and fitted completion of all achievement incomplete inferior the RFP.  Compliance delay RFP (10%) – The force of      10 the proposer to let-go delay all instructions set forth inferior this RFP as well-behaved-behaved as the proposer’s  force to accord to all of the stipulations and conditions  of the decided PSA delayout variation,  particularly as relates to indemnification,  insurance requirements and standards of economy.        Cost (15%) – The designed equivalent       15 structure (embracing of   hourly rates of  compensation, by through requires and  subconsultant requires) for   the act of  Tasks 1 through 8, embracing of its designed not-to  -exceed sum.  The proposers designed temporization for  containing requires   incurred by City opportunity stagnant meeting  the objectives and standards set forth   inferior the RFP.      2. Waste Management Case Study - ANMC Part A: Evaluate the wastes associated delay completing this contemplation by using a waste matrix. Confirm at smallest 6 significant threats, explain your probforce and require scales, evaluate the wastes and register the threats in command from prominent to meanest waste. Part B: Of the wastes you authorized, which wastes should you abate? What steps could you seize to husband and/or abate the wastes you authorized     Risk Analysis & Waste Management: Evaluating and Managing the Risks You Face,  Risk Management Toolkit From Systems Engineering Program Office, MITRE Corp.