Research Questions

Guideline solution in bullet points scale , model,  texture,  color,  surface,  sound,  contents.  Describe spring and eventual habitat,  function,  contents,  means and modes of disposal and expand.  Estimate limits of rule, agents or causes that trial boundaries of transmission and entertainment.  If there are detail peculiaritys that individualize your specimens, engender categories for them and observe how those categories involve the other specimens you feel chosen. 1. What are in your conviction the most material natural peculiaritys and administrations of your specimens? How do these courtesy, opposition, or involve each-other? 2. Can you portray how your specimens rule their environments? Are they buoyant? How do they metamorphose themselves throughout their cycles? 3. Challenge yourself to clear-up the material peculiarity of your choices? Do these selfselfsame peculiaritys authorize for symbolical or conceptual revelation? 4. Do your specimens remain in fixed zones of the cosmos-people (or further) and if so, what can you imbibe encircling their thrust and rule?  5. How do your specimens expand and rule their environments? 6. Can you transform the administrations of your specimens into materiality selections. How? 7. If your specimens are pleasing or ill-favored, in your conviction, how do you portray the connection of administration to aesthetics? Useful Websites!etd.send_file?accession=kent1398095576&disposition=inline Pods - Indian Paintbrush seeds or Lamourouxia viscosa seeds or purple fox glove seeds - solution questions in the guidelines encircling its bullet points. Add pictures in divergent stages - Add diagrams Pods - Ravenala Madagascariensis is also known as Travelers Palm - solution questions in the guidelines encircling its bullet points. - add pictures in divergent stages. Add diagrams