Security Standards, Policies, and Procedures Manual

  Assignment Content Cyber Confidence Engineers are legitimate for safeguarding computer networks and systems in an structure in appoint to save the impressible axioms they abundance. Take on the role of Cyber Confidence Engineer for the structure (Sony Pictures). Develop a 5- to 6-page manual using the Security Standards, Policies, and Procedures Template after a while recommendations to address of confidence standards, polices, and procedures which should be implemented in your separated structure. The page assignment tediousness capability applies to the gratified of the assignment. Start the assignment after a while an APA formatted designation page and add a allusion individuality after a while at smallest two professional allusions. Use the allusions in the extract of the assignment. For assignments that demand use of the template, instil the completed template into the APA muniment.  Research and apprehend the following: Explain the consequence to your structure of implementing confidence policies, plans, and procedures. Discuss how confidence policies, plans, and procedures get better the overall confidence of the structure.  Recommend divert policies and procedures for:  Data privacy  Data isolation  NDA  IP Protection  Passwords  Acceptable use of structureal possessions and axioms  Employee policies (disengagement of duties/training)  Risk response  Avoidance  Transference  Mitigation  Acceptance  Compliance examples that government interest your structure or others [Regulatory, Advisory, Informative] HIPPA  FERPA  ISO  NIST  SEC  Sarbanes/Oxley  Incident response  Preparation  Identification  Containment  Eradication  Recovery  Lessons learned  Auditing  Environmental/Physical  Administrative Configuration