Ui Mechanism

Date: 26th December 2005 Operation Artifice for Implementation of Intra-say Availability Grounded Tariff (ABT) 1. Initiative For the aim of transmission of electricity, India has been disalike into five countrys namely, Eastern, Western, Southern, Northern and North-Eastern Regions. These countrys possess been inhumealike to frame a “National Grid” delay a representation of pushing reliability and retention in faculty transmission across the people parallel delay causative kind of beneficial instrument.Prior to initiative of inhume-say ABT, tclose was a lot of ininoculation in the grid operation in these countrys resulting in common blackouts and islanding. Tclose was closing of balancing among race and claim for faculty on objective span premise. This was primarily due to exorbitant race in the northern and northeastern countrys resulting in remarkable frequencies in these countrys and aggravate impeachs in western and southern countrys resulting in inferior frequencies in these countrys. In this compose M/s ECC, USA, succeeding a consider in 1993-94 commended to GoI to push-in Availability Grounded Tariff (ABT), in all the countrys to push encircling grid inoculation. However succeeding the polity of CERC in 1998, the stuff came lower the purrepresentation of the CERC. In 1999, the CERC conclusiond expedient call and government for instrumentation of Inter-say ABT in India and ABT has been instrumented country by country during 2002 and 2003. ABT was instrumented in the Southern country delay chattels from 1st January 2003.The instrumentation of inhume-say ABT has brought encircling gentleman proficiency in the grid operation resulting in Grid inoculation and optimal utilization of the race capacities. The instrumentation of Inter-say ABT has brought encircling the aftercited proficiencys in the operation of the countryal grid as implied in the FOIR sub-committee report: a) Grid abundance has dramatically improved from 48 – 52 Hz concatenate to 49. 0 – 50. 5 Hz concatenate for most of the span. b) A remarkable consumer claim is nature met, due to built-in motives to maximize race in peak-impeach hours. ) Race locations are nature operated according to objective goodness command, on country-wide premise, through decentralised scheduling. d) Hydro-electric race is nature harnessed balance optimally than executed priorly. e) State’s distribute in convenient generating locations possess assumed new aim and grid inoculation is encouraged. f) Public entrance, wheeling of prisoner race and faculty trading has been enabled by placing in pose the means (UI) for handling deviations/ mismatches. ) States converge their inhumemittent abundance claim by aggravate delineation from the countryal grid and paying ancilla UI reckoning to the lower-delineation says. 2. Intra-say ABT Guardianship in representation the practices of ABT, the National Electricity Artifice conclusiond lower the conditions of the Electricity Act 2003 envisages initiative of intra-say ABT. The said artifice, lower passage 5. 7. 1(b) says as follows: “The ABT regime push-ind by CERC at the National smooth has had a express application. It has besides enabled a trustworthy colonization means for intra-day faculty transfers from licensees delay surpluses to licensees experiencing deficits.SERCs are advised to push-in ABT regime at the say smooth delayin one year”. The Forum of Indian Regulators (FOIR) constituted a sub-committee to commend measures for instrumentation of intra-say ABT and the said sub-committee inhumevening Sri Bhanu Bhushan, Member, CERC and Sri S. D. Uklkali, Member, KERC inchoatest others. The FOIR sub-committee has gifted its commendations to the FOIR in Nov 2005, a delineation of which is enclosed. KERC is pushing out this Operation Artifice for instrumentation of intra-say ABT in the State. . Foundation of apparition allocation to ESCOMs Past KPTCL has been shut from inhumeesting in trading electricity delay chattels from 10. 6. 2005 in stipulations of exception 39(1) of the Electricity Act 2003, GOK in GO No EN 131 PSR 2003 dated 10TH May 2005, has allocated the PPAs of KPCL, VVNL, Convenient Generating Stations and customary IPPs to the ESCOMs on the premise of distribute of each ESCOM in soundty apparition decline in 2004-05 and the PPAs of renewable causes to the appertaining ESCOM grounded on geographical location of the purpose.KPTCL has implied the ESCOM equitable allocation of the invetereprimand compatability of customary causes as follows in its note dated 13. 7. 2005: |ESCOM |% Of compatability allocation | |BESCOM |45. 9492 | |MESCOM |9. 0908 | |HESCOM |20. 3598 | |GESCOM |15. 2678 | |CESCOM |9. 3324 |In the ERC for FY06, the purposeed apparition availability has been allocated to the ESCOMs owing claim prevent made by each ESCOM, augmentation reprimand etc. Regarding faculty lapse require from customary causes, a uniframe per ace reprimand has been performanceed out owing sound faculty lapse require (unwandering reckoning + apparition reckoning + UI reckoning) from all the causes i. e. from CGS, SGS, IPPs etc and the identical has been applied to the ESCOMs regularly. (Power lapse require from non-customary causes disagree inchoatest ESCOMs in representation of allocation of PPA to the appertaining ESCOM),The estimated faculty lapse from customary causes in FY06 includes enticeal from UI cause to an distance of 1062 MU as implied by KPTCL/ESCOMs in the ERC. The UI enjoin has besides been inhumevening in the soundty faculty lapse require and a uniframe faculty lapse reprimand has been performanceed out for the ESCOMs. Suitableness one ESCOM may be legal for causing the UI due to aggravatedrawal, the UI reckoning are nature met by all the ESCOMs past a uniframe faculty lapse reprimand has been performanceed out. (It is besides gentleman that if one ESCOM is slow the UI enjoin by causative administration, the behoof is nature distributed by all the ESCOMs).Therefore in the give regularity tclose are no motives for the multiplyicular ESCOMs for causative administration of the claim, nor tclose are penalties for stubbornness past the say as a sound is considered in the inhume-say ABT and all the UI reckoning are nature distributed by them. As implied by KPTCL, the aloft compatability allocation is in adjustment to the objective apparition enticeal by the ESCOMs in 2004-05. Owing this as a transition preparation, the compatability allocation should be made to each ESCOM succeeding a regularityatic consider owing diversified parameters including claim/peak impeach fitness, consumer contrive etc in each ESCOM.Thereafter, the compatability reckoning (unwandering reckoning) of the generating locations possess to be allocated to the ESCOMs according to the compatability allocation and apparition reckoning in adjustment to the objective apparition enticeal in command to yield economic signals and causative administration of faculty lapse by the ESCOMs. 4. ABT, Intra-say ABT and its behoofs: a) What is ABT: What is ABT and the mechanics of its operation are blandly explained in the premier “ABC of ABT- A premier on Availability Tariff” written by Sri Bhanu Bhushan, a delineation of which is enclosed for relation. b) Intrasay ABT Components:Intra-say ABT is a techno-economic instrument for pushing equitable tariff organization for yield of electricity from Say generators to the disposal Licensees aside from the existentity that it is a means for enforcing inoculation in the Grid. The race tariff lower the ABT regime has three components namely the unwandering enjoin, the capricious enjoin and the Un-scheduled Inter-change enjoin (UI Charges) as follows: (i) Unwandering enjoin covers compatability reckoning of the generators, which is payable by each beneficiary on the compatability allocated to them, irappertaining of the etemper of faculty they entice or registerd to entice. ii) Capricious enjoin (towards fuel require/capricious expenses of race) is payable by each beneficiary on the registerd apparition irappertaining of objective enticeal. (iii) UI enjoin is payable by the beneficiaries/ generators for the deviations from the register and is contingent on the abundance influential at that span. c) Benefits of Intra say ABT: Intra-say ABT has the aftercited behoofs: • Benefits to the Faculty System: I. Brings encircling grid inoculation by frequenting abundance in technically practicable bigoted ligament. II.Ensures optimal utilisation of beneficial instrument and race capacities. III. Enhances opportunities for Public entrance, Prisoner race wheeling and Trading of electricity. IV. Scope for inspiriting race inchoate generators. • Benefits to Generators: I. Encourages maximization of race during peak hours delay motives and discourages the identical during off peak hours delay penalties. II. Compels enticeal of faculty by the utilities as per the registerd enticeal irresolute which Generators consist to produce by ancilla UI reckoning. III.Enables regularityatic scheduling in stipulations of crave vocable, inbland vocable as well-mannered-mannered as day afront, duly owing establish availability and subsistence. IV. Ensures improve conduct of equipments due to causative administration of Claim Vs Supply. Thereby the ‘Hidden Costs’ due to loss is avoided. V. The three-multiply Tariff lower ABT yields for equitable redemption of unwandering and capricious requires of Generator. • Benefits to the Licensees: I. Economic competency dictates that the smallest require faculty should be granted in prelation to requirely faculty (Merit Command Dispatch). ABT yields for the identical. II.Licensees can artifice their fitness, twain for peak and off peak claims. III. Enables causative Impeach Administration through their own Area Impeach Grant Centers. IV. Provides for lean faculty and improve accounting proceedings. • Benefits to End Users: I. Enables public entrance, prisoner race, wheeling and trading of electricity. II. Ensures improve temper and legitimate faculty yield. III. Scope for diminution in require of faculty due to licensees opting for goodness command grant in their scheduling. 5. ABT & Retail Faculty Tariff: The Commission had besides inexhaustive initiative of differential tariff, i. . separeprimand tariff in each of the ESCOMs area to heed the require of yield in each ESCOM duly owing the consumer contrive and fruits stream in such ESCOM. However, owing the instigations ordinary from the stakeholders, the Commission has push-ind separeprimand tariff for fashionable and sylvan areas in the Tariff Command 2005 and intends to stir towards ESCOM-equitable differential tariff in advenient. Require of faculty lapse nature the greater input require (balance than 75% of the require of yield), instrumentation of intra-say ABT may possess gentleman application on require of yield and the tariffs in each of the ESCOMs.The operational efficiencies in each ESCOM including competency in faculty lapse administration lower ABT would get heeded in the tariffs when such differential tariffs are secure. In representation of the repeld behoofs that possess advanced lower inhume-say ABT, the investigation whether intra-say ABT is required does not inaugureprove past the identical behoofs as in inhume-say ABT are expected to advance to the ESCOMs/consumers. The investigation is singly how precedently-covet intra-say ABT can be instrumented. The unconcealed consensus/ commendation is that the methodology grafted for inhume-say ABT should be replicated for intra-say ABT delay modifications as may be required. No waver, instrumentation of intra-say ABT is a abstruse application involving a estimate of ESCOMs, a ample estimate of generating locations, a great estimate of inhumeface points, etc, but the application must equip. {{ 6. Means of Intra-say ABT Lower the intra-say ABT, all the Say generating locations (which are material to scheduling by SLDC) shall repel their 15-searching register of expected output cleverness for the instant day to SLDC.Based on the advice beneficial to the SLDC in reference of all causes of faculty viz , i) Expected output cleverness from CGS as gifted by RLDC ii) Expected output cleverness from Say Generating locations iii) Other causes, if any (CPPs) and iv) Losses in the regularity, The SLDC removes the entitlements to each of the ESCOMs for the instant day on the premise of allocated compatability. Immediately thereafter, the ESCOMs owing the entitlement and the prevented claim would remove to SLDC their register of faculty enticeal for the instant day. The ESCOMs shall equip their prevent for the instant day regularityatically succeeding owing the claim in the prior year, prior month, prior day etc duly owing changes in claim, seasonal exceptions, region conditions etc. ). SLDC allure height the requisitions from the ESCOMs and equips the grant register guardianship in representation the goodness command and how best to converge the register attached by the ESCOMs. Succeeding the application, the SLDC allure conclusion, i) Grant register to RLDC for message to the CGS ii) Grant register to the say generators ii) Grant register to others (CPPs) and iv) Drawal registers to the ESCOMs. These registers conclusiond by SLDC allure beseem the premise for ABT. In well-balancedt of any contingencies, twain the generators and ESCOMs can amend their requisitions and registers and the identical shall be amendd correspondingly by the SLDC delayin the customary span. The registers frame the premise for liquidation of apparition reckoning and any deviations from the register would dispose abundance contingent UI reckoning. A usual stream diagram lower the intra-say ABT is attached below: INTRASTATE ABTINDEX: Stream of Confirmed Day afront Grant register for Generators / IPPs / CPPs & Day afront Drawal Register for Licensees / Public entrance consumers by RLDC/SLDC/ALDC. Stream of Day afront Availability of Generators/ IPPs / CPPs & Day afront Fitness of Licensees/ Public entrance consumers to ALDC/SLDC/RLDC. (On common lines crave vocable and inbland vocable scheduling is besides equipd. ) 7. Applicability of Intra-State ABT: Intra-State ABT shall be ancilla to all generators that are alike to the Grid and are registerd and granted by SLDC.As per the Grid Code nature conclusiond by KERC all Generators [barring coil and minihydel] delay invetereprimand compatability aloft 25 MW deficiency to be registerd and granted. All such generators shall end lower the purrepresentation of ABT. It is to be distinguished close that FOIR has commended generators of 10 MW & aloft to be registerd. Intra-say ABT shall be ancilla to the aftercited: i) All ESCOMs and Hukeri Society ii) All Say owned generating locations iii) IPPs iv) Bio-mass and Co-race establishs aloft 25 MW. ) CPPs yielding faculty to the grid 8. Issues for instrumentation of Intra-say ABT: i) Metering: FOIR sub-committee has alienately sharp out that for instrumentation of ABT and Ui means delayin the say, the essential-quality on the discriminating pathwayway would be inductation of specific apparition meters on the circuit of all entities which are to be finished by ABT and UI. The meters should be prime of proceedingsing all the parameters such as claim in MW, reactive faculty, faculty existentityor, abundance etc in a 15 searching stop.The foundation of metering at inhumeface points as implied by KPTCL is gifted below: • No. Of inhumeface points of ESCOMs delay KPTCL: 1276 • No. Of inhume ESCOM inhumeface points: 50 • Auxiliary: 592 • Total: 1918 • Metered procured [0. 2 systematize]= 1650 • Balance required= 268 • Metered so far inveterate: 829(as on 30. 09. 2005) • As per the ordinary foundation, 268 meters are yet to be procured and 1089 meters deficiency to be invetereprimand at inhumeface points. DETAILS OF INTERFACE POINTS (as at the end of Oct-2005) | | | |Interface Points |Voltage |BESCOM |MESCOM |GESCOM |HESCOM |CESCO |HUKKERI |TOTAL | | |(KV) | | | | | |SOCIETY | | |ESCOMS delay KPTCL |11 |464 |81 |116 |159 |148 |4 |972 | |  |33 |4 |27 |46 |101 |5 |3 |186 | |EHT |66 |32 |0 |2 |1 |14 |0 |49 | |  |110 |0 |6 |9 |2 |0 |0 |17 | |  |220 |6 |1 |2 |1 |0 |0 |10 | |IPP |11 |5 |2 |4 |1 |10 |0 |22 | |  |33 |0 |0 |9 |10 |0 |1 |20 | |Total No. of |  | |117 |188 |275 |177 |8 |1276 | |Interface Points | | | | | | | | | |AUXILARY |  |267 |56 |69 |108 |89 |3 |592 | Past the required estimate ABT cheerful meters possess already been rocured by KPTCL for inhumeface metering delay ESCOMs and already 829 such meters possess been unwandering, it is expected that all the other inhumeface points would be unwandering delay ABT cheerful meters promptly. This should be exhaustived precedently the end of March 2006. All the Grid alike generators that are registerd and inhumeface points of ESCOMs shall be yieldd delay ABT cheerful meters extreme by 30th March 2006. The appertaining Generating locations and KPTCL shall capture operation pleasantly. Regarding metering of EHT/public entrance consumers including Prisoner users, the identical shall be capturen up by appertaining ESCOMs and exhaustived precedently the end of March 2006. i) Message ease: For chattelsive instrumentation of intra-say ABT, metering axioms should be catching frame the ABT cheerful meters to ALDC/SLDC on a objective span premise. Hence bland & legitimate message facilities should be repeld. ESCOMs possess sayd that the message ease allure be repeld by KPTCL. Suitableness KPTCL has sayd that tclose is no message connect at give to reach axioms on objective span premise and hence new leased lines are required. Past ALDCs possess to be repeld by the appertaining ESCOMs in command to yield impeach prevent to the SLDC on a daily premise, message ease from the ABT cheerful meters at the inhumeface points to the ALDC/corporeprimand duty of the ESCOMs should be repeld. When such ease is yieldd, the identical connectage could besides be exhaustive to the SLDC parallelly for instructoring. iii) Finalisation of Compatability allocation to each ESCOM: As discussed antecedent, the compatability allocation from diversified generating locations including CGS to the ESCOMs shall be made in a regularityatic kind. This requires a detailed consider and cautious analysis as this is nature attempted for the original span in the say. KPTCL/ESCOMs shall capture up a elbow application in this contemplate. iv) Tariff: The basic fitness for instrumentation of ABT is a three-multiply tariff comprising of unwandering reckoning, capricious reckoning and UI reckoning in similitude delay the material uncompounded/two-multiply tariff. FOIR has besides commended grafting this tariff organization.As already sayd, the unwandering enjoin would be connected to availability and capricious reckoning to the registerd apparition. The UI reckoning shall be ancilla for the deviations from the registers. A three-multiply tariff for the convenient generating locations is already in validity lower the inhume-say ABT. When the intra-say ABT is instrumented, the unwandering reckoning of the CGS possess to be allocated to the ESCOMs according to the compatability allocation, apparition reckoning according to the registerd apparition and UI reckoning for exception in the register attached by each ESCOM. Regarding the tariff for the generating locations in the say, the pose is as follows: The Commission has already prevailing PPAs as follows: ) A two multiply tariff for KPCL fervid location (RTPS) comprising of unwandering reckoning grounded on normative PLF, apparition reckoning for objective race and motive for objective race more normative PLF. ii) A two multiply tariff for all KPCL hydro locations comprising of unwandering reckoning connected to normative location availability, capricious reckoning (singly breathe-into royalty) for objective race and motive for remarkable availability of the locations. iii) A two multiply tariff for VVNL diesel location (Yelahanka Diesel location) comprising of unwandering reckoning grounded on normative PLF, apparition reckoning for objective race and motive for objective race more normative PLF. However, the tariff prevailing by the Commission in all the aloft well-balancedts are yet to be instrumented past the generating locations possess appealed abutting the call of the Commission. As implied by KPTCL/ESCOMs in the ERC for FY06, a two-multiply tariff is nature followed singly in reference of RTPS aces 5,6 and 7 as per the drain PPA and in reference of all other aces/stations cited aloft, a uncompounded multiply tariff is nature followed. 2) Regarding IPPs in the State, a two-multiply tariff is nature followed in reference of all the three IPPs (Tanirbavi, Tata and Rayalseema). 3) PPAs of VVNL hydro locations possess not yet been located precedently the Commission for approbation. As implied by KPTCL/ESCOMs in the ERC for FY06, a uncompounded multiply tariff is nature followed at give. Therefore, in command to instrument intra-say ABT, a two-multiply tariff should be instrumented for all the generating locations delayin the say. KPTCL/ESCOMs shall capture operation pleasantly to apply the material uncompounded multiply tariff to two-multiply tariff in reference of all the locations. Regarding the third multiply of the tariff i. e.UI reckoning, the UI reprimand secure by the CERC is already in validity for inhume-say ABT and it has been commended by diversified experts including the FOIR sub-committee to graft the identical UI reprimand for intra-say ABT besides. The Commission endorses this representation and considers it alienate to graft the identical tend UI reprimand is secure by the Commission for intra-say transactions severedly. Accordingly, UI reprimands and outset frequencies for UI reprimand as secure by CERC shall be grafted for the give. The FOIR sub-committee has commended that motives for generating locations shall be connected to remarkable availability instead of to PLF. At give, the motives in reference of CGS are connected to objective PLF and not to availability as per the material CERC norms.KERC suitableness welcoming the instigation of the FOIR sub-committee to connect the motive to location availability so that the generating locations are improve beneficial for race, it is of the representation that during this transition bound, it would, perchance be improve to endure the motive to objective PLF achieved singly as incorrectly, the ESCOMs may be required to pay remarkable equalitys well-balanced when the location availability is not abundantly utilized. If motive is yieldd to the generating companies connected to availability, the generators may recaggravate motives by declaring availability well-balanced delayout generating a uncompounded ace, specificly so in the well-balancedt of elevated require apparition causes. Therefore, the Commission would endure the motive connected to objective PLF for the give. ) Setting up of Area Impeach Grant core (ALDC): Each of the ESCOMs possess to set up an Area Impeach Grant Capital to instructor and govern the enticeal of faculty delayin the ESCOM, as per the register. As discussed antecedent, objective span message from the ABT cheerful meters to the ALDC/corporeprimand duty of the ESCOM is sharp for instrumentation of the ABT. These ALDCs shall be repeld precedently September 2006. vi) Up-standing of SLDC: In command to wield the increased book of axioms lower Intra-say ABT and besides to perframe the functions of instructoring and apparition accounting, the say impeach despatch capital deficiencys to be up-graded pleasantly by providing expedient software, hardware, anthropological instrument and other infrastructure. ii) Scheduling & Apparition Accounting: The ESCOMs, the generators delayin the say and EHT/public entrance consumers should shape day afront prevent for every 15 searchings span stops lower the ABT register, which requires expertise. The registers would be finalized by SLDC for ESCOMs and generators and by the Careful ALDC’s for EHT/Open entrance consumers. viii) Gaming: Generators may aggravatesay their availability lower ABT regime as the redemption of unwandering reckoning is connected to availability. Similarly, the generators may lower repel the compatability to capture practice of UI reckoning. In either well-balancedt tclose would be gaming by generators which deficiency s to be avoided. Availability tests deficiencys to be conducted through third multiplyy. If the aces/location fails to demonstreprimand the repeld compatability, punishment deficiencys to be imposed.Further, the compatability reckoning should be frugal to the objective availability until the generator evinces remarkable availability. Similarly, if availability is lower-declared, the UI reckoning due to the generator has to be credited to UI pool. In abstracted, a punishment shall besides be levied. In abstracted to the penalties, dutyr in enjoin of the generator shall be made legal for misdeclaration. SLDC shall equip a consistard proceeding for availability testing and frequent proceedings of all such tests carried out. Regarding span stop for UI, FOIR sub-committee has commended a 15-searching span stop. However, FOIR has sayd that as an inhumeim preparation UI reckoning can be on 30-searching stop. 9. Training and Familiarization: Lower intra-say ABT, apparition accounting would be abstruse and requires estimaterization and useful anthropological recause for causative axioms administration. For chattelsive instrumentation of the intra-say ABT, the staff of SLDC and the ESCOMs deficiency to be useful injudiciously. The staff of SLDC possess already produceed test in bounteous the inhume-say ABT, but they possess to be prefer useful on intra-say transactions. KPTCL and ESCOMs shall grant their painsful staff for alienate inoculation. This essential-quality deficiencys to be prioritsed and exhaustived as per the span register implied in aftercited paras. 10. Obligation for instrumentation:It shall be the elbow obligation of KPTCL and ESCOMs for instrumentation of intra-say ABT as it involves fixing ABT cheerful meters at inhumeface points, establishing message facilities and instructoring and govern of the operations lower ABT. As discussed antecedent, KPTCL has already procured ABT cheerful meters and invetereprimand a ample estimate of them. Past KPTCL is exclusively in the appointment of transmission of electricity and SLDC nature endured lower KPTCL, KPTCL is in a improve pose to capture pains of the activities required for instrumentation of ABT owing of its spacious test. Therefore, KPTCL shall capture the obligation to exhaustive the inhumeface metering delay all the generating companies, delay the ESCOMs and besides inhume-ESCOM metering irappertaining of voltage smooth, delay due coordipeople delay the painsful ESCOMs.The last obligation for instrumentation of intra-say ABT shall be that of the SLDC. 11. Require Sharing: As far as the requires confused are painsful, the require of inhumeface metering delay the ESCOMs shall be borne by KPTCL singly past KPTCL has already procured the meters and is in the course of its inductation. Similarly the require of up standing of SLDC, upstanding of SCADA, fitness of hardware and software at SLDC etc shall be borne by KPTCL singly. However, the require of providing objective span message of the inhumeface points delay the ALDC/ESCOMs (corporeprimand duty), parallel delay required hardware and software, whole of ALDC etc shall be borne by the appertaining ESCOMs.The require of providing inhumeface metering at inhume-ESCOM points shall be borne by the ESCOM, which is feeding the other ESCOM. In the well-balancedt of vary of faculty among the ESCOMs, the ESCOM that has gifted a remarkable part in the precedent 6 months shall be legal to induct ABT cheerful meter and shall permit the require. The require of providing ABT cheerful meters at the generating locations shall be borne by the appertaining generating companies singly. In a nutshell, it would not extremely stuff who permits the require of diversified activities lower the ABT past lastly, all the expenses are passed on to the consumers through tariff. 12. Phase-equitable instrumentation of intra-say ABT:In representation of the constraints in instrumentation of the intra-say ABT, it is inexhaustive to instrument the intra-say ABT in the aftercited airs: Original Phase: The Commission expects that the ABT cheerful meters at the inhumeface points precedently end of March 2006 and the required objective span message ease shall be in locate precedently the end of May 2006. From 1st June 2006, a representation intra-say ABT shall be instrumented for a bound of six months. In this air the generators and the licensees would multiplyicipate in a representation instrumentation of ABT. In this air the material meters beneficial as on 1st June 2006 should be used and the axioms would be considered for half an hour bound.The generators and ESCOMs would produce a day afront register to SLDC, which allure finalise the register duly matching the race and enticeal register. It allure besides push out apparition accounting and would besides estimate the UI reckoning on a weekly premise. These reckoning are estimated singly notionally and ESCOMs/generators deficiency not shape any liquidation for violating the register. All the Generators, KPTCL and ESCOMs should shape expedient preparations to instrument the identical from 1st June 2006. Second Phase: In this air, the identical proceeding as in the original air would be followed for bound of instant six months chattelsive from 1st December 2006. However the generators/ESCOMs shall possess to pay the ABT reckoning for the race/drawal of faculty on half hourly premise.Third Phase: In this air the Generators and ESCOMs would instrument the Intra-State ABT in Toto, duly facilitating all the fitness of instrumentation of intra say ABT, delay chattels from 1st June 2007. The instructoring, apparition Accounting and billing would be on a 15 searchings premise. In all the aloft airs, finalization of register, instructoring and apparition accounting would be carried out by SLDC. Intra-say ABT for Hydro-stations The Commission notes that the mediocre faculty lapse require from hydro causes in FY06 from KPCL is encircling 54 paise per ace as per the ERC, which is far close than the apparition reckoning from fervid causes. Therefore, the hydro causes are not unconcealedly lower the goodness command. Further, FOIR sub-committee has sharp out that convinced conclusions possess end up of-late in ABT for hydro locations multiplyicularly in North Eastern Country and possess suggested that SERCs may application diffidence suitableness extending ABT to intra-say hydro locations or continue for analysis of these conclusions conclusions by CERC for convenient locations. In representation of these existentityors, the Commission proposes to delay instrumentation of intra-say ABT to hydro locations for a bound of one year. However, such locations shall exhaustive all preparatory performance for instrumentation of intra-say ABT as per the Operation Artifice and besides yield day afront availability / output register to SLDC. 13.