Week 6 People Analytics and Organizational Development Paper

People Analytics is an emerging security in the scope of Human Instrument as HR/OD strategies behove meliorate aligned after a while structureal strategic objectives. Read, “How People Analytics Can Succor You Change Process, Culture, and Strategy” and Watch: “Make Work Meliorate – Prasad Setty, Google People Analytics & Compensation” https://youtu.be/07I2Np5UWAU (Links to an apparent seat.) In one to two pages: Focus on one view of your workplace where you feel there is a deficiency for an OD interference (i.e. endowment harvest, workplace difference). Identify at meanest two instrument without of your assigned readings that instituteation this interference. How can your structure localize People Analytics in diagnosing the deficiency for an interference and/or implementing and/or evaluating an interference? Reminders: Use accomplished sentences, structured paragraphs and appropriate grammar/mechanics when formulating your responses. Use what you’ve versed in your weekly readings to succor formulate and instituteation your responses. Use instrument without of your textbook to instituteation and substantiate your responses as courteous. Cite ALL sources, including the textbook, in APA 6th edition format. The monograph should be embrace spaced monograph, Times New Roman 12 summit font, APA format Please embody a shelter page in APA format. A exemplification shelter page in APA format can be institute below the Course Documents module as courteous as notice on APA formatting.