what processes or practices are used to developed international mindedness in IB PYP schools/learners (this is the research question)

It should to-boot embody  15 fellow re-examination doctrines. acronyms: IB: Interpolitical baccalaureate. PYP is pristine years program in the IB. I feel sturdy the PDF instrument fascinate allude page 14, 15, and 16. subject ends at page 16 top inscription solely maxim Each standard is desert 6% (30%total).                                                                                                                                   1step) Title- elaboration inquiry 2step) Background and treatment (what and why), Define the stipulations for specimen interpolitical mindedness, IB and PYPs, why it is significant to your ground (past I am doing overcome of counsel in interpolitical curricum, I feel to concede an sense why and IB is significant), what exposure of IB literary-works fellow re-examination addressed the elaboration inquiry, plan your subject (using 1 to 3 elaboration inquirys) 3 plod) Positionality:  (use 'I')- what led you to choosing this subject? Why is this problem in your ground. What do u anticipation acquire from this literary-works re-examination?  What theortical perspective are you plan. 4th plod) Initial literary-works Re-examination >coding> categorize the dispute and direction up accordingly>How does it fashion dispute>Analyze the literary-works re-examination in your favour to examine your point/ perspective. 5th plod)Methodology >Databases selected> pursuit stipulations(notion elaboration let to GR)> what worked and what did not worked> Incusion criteria(which sources you gain rendezvous on?). 6th plod References > APA format 6th edition. Find points from the doctrines to examine or denying the elaboration inquiry methodic. And what are some problem and areas that the name or authors base timeliness doing the elaboration.