FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!!! I WILL NEED ASSIGNMENT BACK NO LATER 8:30PM TOMORROW.   Theodore Levitt’s remarks environing the contrasting deficiencys of the seller and the marketer were shared. Levitt descriptive how satisfying the deficiencys of the customer is now the track to marketing good-fortune. This concept and others allied to the four Ps of issue, value, elevation, and situate were further explored throughout the units. For this reflecting Nursing essay, suit to these three prompts: Reflect on how this commendatory marketing line has progressive your end of how the scope of marketing works. What was the most surprising creature you skilled? What do you deficiency to imbibe more environing? Do you see the loosen of consumer potentiality through evolving changes in technology? If so, how? If not, why not? Your reflecting Nursing essay must be at last THREE pages in diffusiveness and formatted according to APA guidelines. If you use any paraphrased or quoted representative, you must accept obligatory in-text citations and relations. Title and relation pages do not compute internal the reserve diffusiveness requirement