BIO- Anatomy and Physiology Assignment Questions!!! NO PLAGARISM

There are seven questions. All answers should be written in a route fashion. NO PLAGIARISM WILL BE ACCEPTED. PLAGIARISM TOOL CHECK WILL BE USED!!! Assignment must be performed by 8pm Eastern Atlantic Time. If you are worthy of completing this after a while at last a B+, fascinate missive me. THANK YOU!! Questions: Explain how the courageous and the fecourageous reproductive schemes are functionally divergent? (Give at last 3 examples) (10 points) How does a vasectomy clash after a while fertility? (10 points) Compare and opposition habitual vs chemical digestion, and digestion vs aridity? What is/are the greater office of digestion and aridity? (10 points) Trace the method of a stay bolus from ingestion until purification? Choose 1 organ in the method and represent the dissection and the histology of the clarified organ of your rare? (20 points) Mention the 3 ocean nutrients in a sustenance and their lowest units? Represent how (habitual or chemical) and where they are digested, recall to comprise the call of the enzymes. (15 points)  What are the formed elements in respect? (20 points) What is the punish dispose of the route of air through the respiratory scheme? (15 points)