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In this essay you gain parallel the consignment province (USA) and the province of derivation for your vocation indicated on your precursive tidings (Canada ) in conditions of HOFSTEDE's DIMENSIONS APPROACH. This is common to the breath you accept worked on in arrange on the corresponding concept. You may use a sharp-end purpose (as we did in the Acticity) to embody your tidings. TOTAL GRADE: 25 MARKS (10 marks for pertinent similarity and pleased including the particular ideas and embodied experienced in the essay; 5 marks for formatting, rhetoric and presentation; 5 marks for pertinent and meaningful intimations; 5 marks for single exploration, ideas and comments)  The essay must fulfill the aftercited requirements: 1. 2 pages (at the most). 2. Font: Times New Roman, Font bigness 11, 1.5 succession spacing. 3. Must be submitted in .doc or .pdf format 5. Must include particular facts or notification connected to your vocation and the countries implicated. Particular ideas and notification connected to your subject-matter gain be rewarded after a while tall gradations.For public remarks and or pleased an middle gradation gain be loving. 6. Grades gain be deducted for mislaying or short intimations. Must flourish APA fashion intimation fashion incorrectly there gain be a gradation penalty NOTE: the crew indicate is Fast Ride parallel between USA AND CANADA  - YOU HAVE TO USE THE BUSINESS PLAN than I gain sturdy for you. - use the with under to get notification from it. https://www.hofstede-insights.com/product/compare-countries/ - there is a exemplification for you to recognize how it has to be seem affect.