Content Review Directions: Respond to each item. Each tally should be short and among 2–3 paragraphs in protraction. Use MS Word to transcribe your tallys, and acquiesce your answers to all three inquirys in one Word muniment. Copy and paste each inquiry amid the muniment, so that your Instructor can see which inquiry you are responding to. High-sort existing childhood solicitude and command is kindred to manifold unequivocal outcomes for posterity. Review pages 169-174 in the series extract. Identify three ways in which organizations such as the National Association for the Command of Adolescent Posterity (NAEYC) and/or the National Association for Family Child Solicitude (NAFCC) labor to unequivocally contact sort child solicitude and command. Describe one way that peculiar existing childhood professionals can too labor to unequivocally contact the lives of adolescent posterity and their families. Schools possess a determined role the socialization manner. Illustrate the contrariety among the concepts of cultural assimilation and cultural pluralism. Why is the concept of bilingual/multicultural command an specimen of cultural pluralism? Identify and illustrate key responsibilities of existing childhood classroom schoolmistresss delay deem to posterity who possess disabilities, the IEP manner, and their labor in implied settings. Illustrate the role of the existing childhood classroom schoolmistress in each of these areas, identifying and illustrateing specimens of the key responsibilities of existing childhood educators.