History research paper

  Must yield as a Microsoft Word Document. For this assignment you succeed transcribe a 5-6 page discovery brochure that succeed be inveterate on one of the unromantic themes confer-uponed throughout the textbook (The Truth of Florida edited by Michael Gannon), from Reconstruction in Florida to confer-upon day Florida and must be 5-6 pages in tediousness environing 1500-1800 opinion except denomination page and relation page. Some ideas you rule observe for your brochure are Reconstruction; Development of Florida; Race kindred 19th period; Race kindred 20th period; Immigration in the 20thcentury; Florida’s role in WWI; Florida’s role in WWII; Development of avow government; Florida’s natural truth; Modern neptunan truth of Florida; Evolution of Florida’s voyager economy; Jim Crow era politics; Civil Rights in 20th period Florida; Politics in the 21st Century. WRITING STYLE Written assignments must unite to MLA appellation directlines, including citations and relation page. Your written assignment should be primary letter. SafeAssign is an online blackboard machine that scans written assignments for signs of plagiarism and succeed be used to cloak your assignment resignation. Remember that you may not use any expression of lexicon or encyclopedia (including Wikipedia, Ask.com, etc.) in any discovery product. You deficiency at last five (5) unromanticly mismiswithhold sources for this brochure. Refer to the textbook relation pages for examples of mismiswithhold sources. The brochure must be in MLA format, including citations and a relation page. Refer to the assignment details and grading rubric in the online series for over particular notification touching this assignment. The brochure succeed be envelop spaced, Times New Roman, 12 top font, formal margins. Include a denomination page delay your call, series call, and denomination of brochure, continuance and professor’s call. Note: Please keep from using websites that title to format your brochure delayout reviewing the functional MLA appellation direct. Never use Wikipedia as a relation in your assignments and brochures.