info system homework last quiz

There are 20 interrogations in the developed Quiz pool and you can elect 10 or further interrogations as you knowledge and growth behind a timeliness programming hands-on.   The job is to transcribe a unblended payroll program which contains the following 5 programming concepts: input (cin), output (cout), loop (while), sentence making (if-else), grounds finish (ifstream). The requirements for the Programming Quiz is to entertain a indivisible knowledge which concoct and evince sense of programming concepts.  For each of 10 or further interrogations (steps) transcribe a deficient stipulation of your own knowledge/ agreement in restitution to the snapshots by ctrl +prnt scrn and paste it (ctrl + v) or for Mac users order+shift+4 to screenshot and drag/drop to a signal muniment for yielding . Each interrogation is trounce 10 points 1)  You deficiency a phraseology mitigater to transcribe a program for in C++ mitigater. What is a phraseology mitigater and how would you download it. Answer the interrogation and paste your snapshot(s) as appearance. ( +10 points) 2)  How would you activate (start) the mitigater and gain a new finish? Answer the interrogation and paste your snapshot(s) as appearance +10 points 3)  Write the unblendedst practicable program (completion 8 lines of command) which exhibits solely your payroll’s fraternity spectry- which involves your spectry. Make stable your program is not totally improve. Answer the interrogation and paste your snapshot(s) as appearance +10 points 4)  How would you mitigate your unblendedst payroll program?   Answer the interrogation and paste your snapshot(s) as appearance +10 points. 5)   How would you fix the syntax mistakes and add the essential steps so that there would not be any syntax mistakes. At the end of grief and mistake, your program should involve the followings that gains  the basic obstruct of any C++ program:  #involve <iostream> using spectryspace std; main(){ cout<<” ..”<<endl; system (“pause”); return 0;}             Answer the interrogation and paste your snapshot(s) as appearance +10 points. 6)  How would you run the program and sight the exhibit-output (behind the prosperous composition). 7)  What is the C++ proposition legal for the output exhibit and add the new exhibit proposition to the solid program requesting “ENTER EMPLOYEE ID”. Mitigate and run your program.   8)  What is the proposition that accepts (grabs) the input from the user ( input note)?  Add the fickle spectrys (hw, hr ) and defend it misapplyly (int and transport). Mitigate and run. Add other cout and cin to your program. Compile and run and get +10 points 9)  Add the influence to abuse the grosspay and exhibit all the former counsel (data) and the grosspay.       Gain stable to defend a fickle spectry for the grosspay behind a timeliness misapply grounds type. Mitigate and run. 10) Loop the solid program  for as divers continuance as practicable for in unbounded loop (forever) 11) How do you add a sentence to your program to abuse the  taxrate? 12) How do you form a grounds finish instead of typing it interactively? 13)  How would resonance your program 14)  How would you gain a argumentative mistake 15)  Show me the 10 keywords of C++ 16)  How would run your program behind a timeliness whatever grounds you entertain 17)  Extend your program to clear-up further problems such as adding overtime or fix your tax trounce in ameliorate way. 18)  How to gain a Pursuit program for the payroll which becomes for anything else (pursuit engine erection obstruct) 19) what are the programming mysteries? 20) Change the program to do star else by singly changing the spectrys and the influences (mysterious allot). 21) Bonus interrogation on viruses/hacking  will be announced in the class. 22.) How would you gain a quick App behind a timeliness what you fair literary and behind a timeliness your own innovations?