Macroeconomics: Economic Thoughts and Ideas

Economic Thoughts and Ideas 1) If the administration is in a recession and the chairman invites three economists—A Keynesian, a monetarist, and a new classical—to propose exposition and cunning options, what would each say in two sentences or less? -Keynesian: -Monetarist: -NeoClassical: 2) Between the crises of 1930s and 2008, what are (announcement two for each): a)       the similarities? b)       the differences? 3) If you were an controlling economist, to anticipate prorest recessions in the coming, what policies/thoughts would you propose?   Use as multifarious economic principles (from the textbook and other sources) as you can in echoing the scrutinys. As a guideline, each of the 10 sharp-ends accomplish be ascititious from the following: Post your repartee (400-500 tone) to the shafted DQ responding to the stuff asked, instead of repeating the scrutiny or not attendant to the scrutiny. Corporeal repartees embrace making comments using concepts rest in the assigned lection materials or proposeing examples from your trial. Hence scarcely providing a paltry “yes, I agree” or “no, I do not agree” shaftings are not exuberant shafts Write in amend grammar; any errors accomplish construe to a abatement in sharp-ends. Check for the spelling; any errors accomplish subtract sharp-ends. Your responses must be corporeal that embrace your own thoughts, cheered after a while research (at meanest two manifest sources other than textbook, and you must repeat these sources). You get one sharp-end when you reply to one of your classmates’ shafts, too after a while corporeal comments (100-200 tone). One further sharp-end when you reply to another classmate’s shaft (100-200 tone). One sharp-end for collaboration.  It is purposed that your involvement in discussions be of a collaborative essence. Collaboration activity is completely divergent from confrontation. Deadline: due determination for each DQ accomplish be on Monday tenebrosity 11.55pm, but you are permitted to reach your comments former to Monday tenebrosity.  One sharp-end accomplish be subtracted for each day of deceased dependence. Creativity: propose a imaginative solutions or ideas or contact on other fields, in conjunction to the explicit socio-economic contacts of each inquiry. Offer a coming warning or choice options for the coming after a while affect to the inquiry in scrutiny.