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The Open Web Application Security Project came into creature December 1st 2001, and is peaceful used for the bud of Web applications.  Go to the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Website, located at, and furnish their “Top 10.” Review the OWASP top 10 Web Application Security Risks for 2017. What are the most expressive changes since 2013? Choose one of the items and behold at it closely. For pattern, compute 10 is “Insufficient Logging and Monitoring”; what is recommended to neutralize this imperil? What does that medium to you established on your trial in this tabulate so far? Knowing the concern of identifying threats, how should developers be lawful for log files and monitoring. Justify your answers. Share your furnishings delay your tabulatemates and supply links to any beneficial instrument you furnish. After lection a few tabulatemate postings, replication to the ones where you read colossus new, or feel colossus to add. Get in future to post your primal feedback and restrain the discourse going.