Friday Online Assignment 7 Chapter 15: Behavior Weight: 25 points In this week’s assignment, you procure assume thee MBTI criterion and the EI criterion; you procure also account your criterion and argue your account. -What did the end aid you attain about yourself? -Did what you attain align after a while what you cogitation of yourself? -Are there any areas of emendments? What are these? How are you going to emend these areas? 1)The MBTI® is a widespread personality-assessment channel. It classifies people as exhibiting a sensuality in lewd categories: Extraversion or introversion (E or I) Sensing or insight (S or N) Thinking or consciousness (T or F) Judging or perceiving (J or P) Please use devotion to assume the MBTI Test 2)EI Test Please use the subjoined links to assume a munificent EI criterion; account your criterion and transcribe your ends. https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/ei-quiz.htm https://www.mindtools.com/blog/mindfulness-emotional-intelligence/ https://www.mindtools.com/blog/ei-infographic/ https://globalleadershipfoundation.com/geit/eitest.html MBTI Personality Type Test_Student.docx