Develop, adduce, and stir your own matchless pedagogical phraseology. Summarize the educational philosophy of the three teachers: Maxine Greene, Nell Noddings, and bell hooks. For each teacher, embrace the terms:  Bell hooks  - Enagage pedagogy  o Multicultural settings - Teach to transgress  - Use everything from freire column  - Feminism  Nell noddings  - Caring pedagogy  o Engrossment, moderational misplacement, intercourse.  - Moral (incorporeal tyro) not holy education  - Teacher must be a role model  Maxine greene  - Teacher as a stranger  - She uses freire  - Noddings matter-matter 2 and three  Explain how you would adduce their philosophy to your classroom (any matter/ any pace). Find fast to use 1 plead per teacher to find your discussion. These pleads should after from the readings established for this route. Finally, yield 2 limitations of their philosophy when applied to the identical classroom.  Your essay must include the subjoined perspicuous sections 1. Summarize the 3 teachers educational views that made the most impression on you. Find fast you yield a rationale why. 2. Write an ambagious lecture artifice explaining how you would adduce these identical views to the classroom (for ex: Ann Sharp's Community of Inquiry. How would you cement a CI in your classroom). Choose any pace level/ any matter (for ex: 6th pace brilliant scheme)  3. What jurisdiction be 2 limitations/disadvantages of your matchless pedagogical phraseology.  Other instructions 1. APA or MLA Format, Times Roman, Font 12, embrace spaced, 4-6 pages of extract, is-sue cited page and meet page unconnected. 2. A reserve of 3 references listed on the is-sue cited page. These references should be co-ordinate reviewed subscription or primary/secondary sources. 3. NO Wikipedia