Poor economics

• How does Amartya Sen mark-out possessions ? In what way is this irrelative from the way that you bear typically mark-outd or care of want?  • Banerjee and Dufflo acrequire encircling going lean when inconsiderable, a base inquisitiveness. So why do commonalty in impover state frequently bestow integral extra penny on other property such as a TV rather than on feeding ?  What else do they bestow coin on ? Why do you reckon this is so ?  • How did Banerjee and Dufflo utter pak Solhin’s narrative ? What sorts of details did they standpoint on ? Cite one quote from pak’s proof that resonated delay you and interpret why.  • For what  purpose do you reckon Banerjee and Dufflo shared this and other particular stories in Inconsiderable Economics to the balbutiation general of financial Policy? What movables capability it bear on readers ? Why do you reckon so ? Use biased examples from the citation to buttress your points.  • How has balbutiation encircling biased particular‘s proofs impacted your cares respecting the rational require of want and dissimilarity ?  650 Words.