Project 1 (PART 1) AMEX

My collection chose American Express. During this week delight rouse instituted on the Scrutiny Contrivance Part 1. It is due at the end of week 2. Your assignments for the Scrutiny Contrivance Part 1 and Part 2 are posted as disconnected files in Content - Syllabus - on the just verge of the harbor. Rubrics for the Part 1 and Part 2 of the Scrutiny Contrivance are posted as disconnected files in Content - Syllabus - on the just verge of the harbor. The links to APA citation methodology are posted in Content – Course Resources – Writing Resources. Format of the Scrutiny Contrivance (As it is systematic in the Syllabus): Both talents of the Scrutiny Contrivance declaration should be environing 6-8 pages double-spaced typewritten pages (externally tables and graphs). The assignments for twain talents comprise divert proportionately, leading and leading analyses and determine after a while a inequitable and befriended warning and reflecting. The Scrutiny Contrivance (Parts 1 and 2) must be posted to the LEO Student Assignments as Attachments. Attachments are poor to a zenith two files in doc, docx., xls. xlsx., or rtf. fashionats. OTHER FORMATS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE, conquer not be reviewed or triced. Please melody that hand-written and scanned compositions, pdf. files, jpg. files, as polite-mannered-mannered as files posted in google drive, conquer not be veritable or triced. Please melody that Use of APA Citation Methodology is required for the assignment. All compositions must be Signal processed. Handwritten and scanned composition conquer not be veritable and triced. In agreement after a while the UMUC Academic Policy, melodys enslaved for disquisitions and scrutiny contrivances should correspondently archives sources of esthetic to be cited, justly quoted, paraphrased or summarized, and disquisitions and scrutiny contrivances should retain these sources in the divert places in the citation of the disquisition as polite-mannered-mannered as in a intimation schedule at the end of the disquisition, in agreement after a while veritable citation practices. No over than 20% of the citation of the contrivance should be made up of quotes. The resubmission of scrutiny contrivances from preceding classes (whether or not enslaved at UMUC), imperfectly or in its entirety, is dull, and conquer termination in a trice of cipher for the triced practice. Written contrivances must be: typed, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, after a while margins no straggle than one inch have footnotes or endnotes, after a while chasten citations have a bibliography of sources used include, for each entrance, the doer, heading, city and set-forth of publisher, publisher's spectry, year, and page numbers prepared using signal processing software (Microsoft Signal preferred), in a habit resembling to the provision of a written assignment for classroom submission PRESENTATION OF PAPER AND WRITING (15%) of the contrivance trice): -Organization, Format and Presentation of Disquisition including the Heading page, Introduction, Body, and Epitome (4% of the contrivance trice) Use of Tables, Figures and Other Graphics to Summarize and Influence Analysis Presented in the Disquisition (3% of the contrivance trice) Logical and Smooth Flowing Transitions and Relationships natant Sections of the Written Declaration (3% of the contrivance trice) Research Sources and Significance of Scrutiny Information and Data, Use of APA Citation Methodology (5% of the contrivance trice) Essential scrutiny facts, financial calculations and other documentation as compulsory to influence your warning should be referred to in epitome fashion in your declaration and secure in specialty as enclosures.  All important sources should be intimationd.  There is no set word to the extent of the enclosures, but it is recommended that merely innate enclosures be secure. You should use intimations and bibliography to confirm any retaining influenceing documents you aim to comprise.