Six Sigma Question Paper

MGT 561 - Operations Administration Exam B Student Name: ____________________________Date: _________ Operations and Productivity (each scrutiny is excellence 1 aim) 1) Manufacturing and utility constructions dispute largely owing manufacturing is chattels-oriented and utility is act-oriented. TrueFalse 2) Operations, tradeing, and finance scarcity to affair inconsequently of each other in most constructions if they are to be surely able as an construction. TrueFalse 3) “How abundantly list of this idiosyncratic should we feel? ” is amid the crucial resolution area of tendency administration? TrueFalse 4) Customer interaction is repeatedly lofty for manufacturing wayes, but low for utilitys. TrueFalse 5) Productivity is the entirety appraise of outputs performed divided by the entirety appraise of all inputs to the change way. TrueFalse The operations affair embraces which of the aftercited activities. a) prospect b) competency planning c) scheduling d) managing inventories e) all of the aloft Manufacturing-related jobs are decreasing in America for which of the aftercited infers. a) global two-of-a-trade b) technology advances ) owing manufacturing consequenceers in California obtain $25K/yr near than utility consequenceers d) a and b e) b and c Which of the aftercited is not a usual utility mark? a) quiet to treasure b) inappreciable consequence c) customer interaction is lofty d) concomitant consequenceion and devastate e) enigmatical to resell Operations Diplomacy in a Global Environment (each scrutiny is excellence 1 aim) One infer to globalize is to lobtain to reform operations. TrueFalse 10) Decisions that compromise what is to be made and what is to be dissipationd lapse lower the name of yield security administration. TrueFalse The use of a SWOT segregation is barely pertinent to manufacturing constructions? TrueFalse The consequence personality cycle phases embrace importation, augmentation, manliness, and refuse. TrueFalse Which of the aftercited is penny about affair strategies? a) an construction should repress its diplomacy for the personality of the affair b) all strongs amid an ghost conquer incorporate the similar diplomacy c) well-behaved-behaved defined missions find diplomacy effect abundantly easier d) strategies are formulated inconsequently of SWOT segregation e) constructional strategies rest on operations strategies The force of an construction to profit utilitys that, by utilizing the consumer’s five senses, feel some uniqueness in their characteristics is a) bulk consequenceion b) term-domiciled two-of-a-trade c) disputeentiation d) pliable rejoinder e) knowledge disputeentiation Which of the aftercited is the best pattern of competing on low-require example? a) a strong profits its consequence after a while near raw representative devastate than its competitors b) a strong offers further veritable consequences than its competitors c) a strong’s consequences are introduced into the trade faster than its competitors d) a strong advertises near than its competitors Which of these is not one of the characteristics of lofty effect on cannonade constructions? a) lofty consequence tendency b) lofty competency utilization c) low cannonade attention d) low straightforward require per idiosyncratic e) global subsidence Cunning of Chattels and Services (each scrutiny is excellence 1 aim) Studies constrong that strongs considered to be ghost bringers usually propagate 15-20 percent of their aggravateall sales from new consequences released aggravate the ultimate 5 years. Penny False 18) QFD stands for tendency for effect. Penny False Appraise segregation focuses on cunning reformment during consequenceion. True False 20) The segregation hireling that aids idiosyncraticize what consequences to lay-open, and by what diplomacy, by listing consequences in descending ordain of their idiosyncratic dollar subsidy to the strong is a) resolution tree segregation b) pareto segregation c) breakeven segregation d) consequence-by-appraise segregation e) consequence personality cycle segregation 21) Tendency affair deployment a) idiosyncraticizes what conquer fill the customer b) translates customer desires into the target cunning c) is used future in the cunning way d) is used to idiosyncraticize where to deploy tendency efforts e) all of the aloft 2) Which of the aftercited is penny relating CAD? a) servile counsel flows to other departments b) most consequence requires are idiosyncraticized at the cunning limit c) cunning options are easier to criticism precedently last commitments are made d) virtually all consequences feel their effect cycle shortened e) all of the aloft are penny The bulk, tolerances, representatives, and finishes of a factor are usually shown on a (an) a) engineering artfulness b) account of representative c) declaration of consequence d) consequence ordain e) none of the aloft Managing Tendency (each scrutiny is excellence 1 aim) 4) An interpolitical tendency banner lay-opened to fir commbarely gentleman procedures to direct consequence tendency is ISO 9000. Penny False 25) Statistical way restrain, one of the hirelings of entirety tendency administration, uses statistics and restrain charts to evaluate wayes. Penny False 26) The concept of selecting best practices to use as a banner for deed is referred to as a tendency divergence. Penny False 27) Generally forcible, the require of tendency represents the require of doing things injustice, that is, the excellence of nonconformance. Penny False 8) Which of the aftercited is not one of the superior categories of requires associated after a while tendency? a) stoppage requires b) appraisal requires c) inside failures d) visible failures e) none of the aloft, they are all superior categories of requires 29) A auspicious entirety tendency administration (TQM) program incorporates all of the aftercited except: a) gentleman reformment b) employee compromisement c) benchmarking d) centralized resolution-making antecedent e) none of the aloft 30) The “four M’s” of cause-and-effect diagrams are a) representative/machinery/manpower/methods b) representative/methods/men/mental collocation ) representative/management/manpower/motivation d) none of the aloft Yield Security Administration (each scrutiny is excellence 1 aim) 31) The external of the find-or-buy resolution is to aid substantiate the consequences and utilitys that should be dissipationd visiblely or made insidely. TrueFalse Owing utility strongs do not earn chattels and utilitys visiblely, their yield security administration issues are inconsiderable. TrueFalse Blanket ordains are a long-term dissipation commitment to a supplier for idiosyncratics that are to be delivered abutting short-term releases to ship. TrueFalse 34) One of the keys to able yield security administration embraces lay-opening “long-term disunitenerships” after a while key suppliers. TrueFalse 35) Standardization is the way of increasing the enumerate of variations in representatives and factors to aid in yield security’s efforts to dilate their supplier disingenuous. TrueFalse In yield security administration, incorporeal issues a) are chiefly weighty owing of the prodigious opportunities for affront b) may be guided by posse rules and codes of inaugurate ) befit further many-sided after a while the increasing bear inland global suppliers d) may be guided by the banners of the Institute for Yield Administration e) all of the aloft are penny An vestibule that seeks power of operations through the integration of all representative acquisitions, change-of-place, and storage activities is a) integration b) logistics administration c) row balancing d) consequence cunning e) none of the aloft List Administration (each scrutiny is excellence 1 aim) 38) One affair of list is use utility of muchness remittances TrueFalse 9) ABC segregation is disingenuousd on the arrogance that carefully restrainling all idiosyncratics is expedient to profit weighty list savings. TrueFalse 40) In cycle counting, the sum of idiosyncratic counting and store certainty usually varies from idiosyncratic to idiosyncratic resting upon the idiosyncratic’s ABC section. TrueFalse 41) Insurance and taxes on list are disunite of the requires notorious as setup or ordaining requires. TrueFalse 42) Most list moulds strive to minimize a) entirety list disingenuousd requires b) the enumerate of ordains located c) the security store ) the phase of a storeout e) the enumerate of idiosyncratics ordained 43) The superior aim of security store is to a) substitute failed idiosyncratics after a while amiable ones b) elucidate the possibility of a storeout c) elucidate the phase of a storeout due to void of truth list fit d) restrain the phase of a storeout due to the variforce of ask-for during bring term e) preserve the strong from a unexpected lessen in ask-for 44) The aftercited are list moulds for refractory ask-for a) basic economic ordain muchness (EOQ) b) consequenceion ordain muchness c) muchness remittance mould ) a and b barely e) a, b, and c JIT and Poor Genesis Systems (each scrutiny is excellence 1 aim) 45) In a JIT classification, consequence superintendence adds appraise by substantiateing short idiosyncratics. Penny False 46) Owing most utilitys cannot be inventoried, there is paltry locate for JIT to aid utility constructions finish competitive utility. Penny False Kanban is the Japanese signal for card that has conclude to balance “signal” in JIT terminology. TrueFalse Setup term reductions are not a key phase of an able poor consequenceion classification. Penny False 9) If the goals of JIT disunitenerships are met, which of the aftercited is a upshot? a) for incoming chattels, receiving ghost and superintendence are outsourced b) in-transit list lapses as suppliers are located closer to facilities c) the enumerate of suppliers increases d) in-plant list substitutes in-transit list e) all of the aloft are consequences of discourse the JIT disunitenership goals 50) Which of the aftercited is not a layout tactic in a JIT environment? a) consequence cells for families of consequences b) unroving equipment c) minimizing absence d) paltry distance for list e) poka-yoke devices