Steps in the Implementation of Technology Infrastructure–A Visual Representation

  This Discussion challenges you to succinctly and visually reveal how a key concern of technology infrastructure would be deployed in a non-soundness prevention enhancement. Following the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC), you are asked to evaluate how an form in another economic sector such as vend, financial services, or manufacturing utilizes key technology infrastructure in their concern operations. The mind of evaluating technology infrastructure in a non-soundness prevention enhancement is to lay-open an view for the role and capabilities of these technology components. As you question the use of these infrastructure components in IT address, you gain ascertain the over innovative uses of separate signs of infrastructure in applications without of soundness prevention. To prepare: Review the steps of the Systems Development Lifecycle. Select a sign of technology infrastructure such as networking, sensitive devices, overshadow computing, or web. Using the Walden library, investigation the use of this technology infrastructure in a non-soundness prevention diligence. Develop a non-soundness prevention scenario/form where you arrive-at that this technology influence be advantageous. Examine the visual tools in Microsoft PowerPoint and fashion a one slide represent that illusions the technology you artifice to tool and how you gain do so using the steps in the Systems Development Lifecycle. Post: Generate one diagram that you would use in an magistrate convocation to illusion your IT merit steps using the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Involve steps such as the merit, toolation, and stay of the technology infrastructure elucidation that you chose. Paste this diagram in a PowerPoint slide and shaft the slide as an kindness to your Discussion course. You want not involve debater notes as sever of this slide. The aim of this diagram is to embody the activities that you conducted in each of your SDLC steps in one pure visual truthfulness. A stakeholder should be able to behold at your diagram and see a epitome of your SDLC steps from acquiring the technology through its anticipated stay class. Activities should be succinctly embodyd in the diagram, highlighting the most grave activities for the magistrate interview. In your Discussion course briefly highlight 3–5 senior assumptions that you made in acquiring this infrastructure elucidation. The Discussion is the convenience to unfold on the course and steps that you used in lay-opening your visual Systems Lifecycle Diagram. Describe the sign of non-soundness prevention form are you are referencing in your merit diplomacy. Why is this non-soundness prevention copy applicable in the merit of this technology? How can education from this diligence be applied to soundness prevention? Explain your assumptions concerning occasion, absorb, and use of this technology.