Theories on Women and Crime – due in 24 hours

  Your job for this assignment is to beget a might purpose muniment (saved as PDF) delay main purposes and resolution of one of the theorists adown. Your PPT endowment should enclose at lowest 6 slides (not including designation and relations), delay the original slide nature a designation page and your definite page nature a relation/works cited page of the product used to consummate your resolution.  If your definite calls begins delay the epistle A-I, then you are to consummate your resolution on the original call(s).    1. Freda Adler    This media, settle any media (exclude Wikipedia), preferably peer-reviewed investigation, and synthesize the controversys of these main theorists on your ppt slides. Aside from the designation and relation pages, you should offer the others slides to the following: a. one slide to the main speculative perspective for which the perpetrator represents according to the lectures (e.g. biological) b. another slide to the perpetrator's main controversy or theory  c. another slide to main terms/concepts associated delay their theories as they allied to women and the CJS d. and one slide offerd to at lowest one main stricture or delicacy of their controversy. After completing all slides, you are to SAVE AS in PDF format. Just click "file" and the "save as PDF" in the percolate box. Lastly, bring-about unfailing that your relation page encloses at lowest two (2) uprightly formatted citations.