This assignment asks you to discuss similarities and differences in the world of combat described in the Iliad and E. B. Sledge’s With the Old Breed using observations from Jonathan Shay’s Achilles in Vietnam

Writing Assignment #3    Writing Assignment #3 Philosophy 200 This assignment asks you to sift-canvass similarities and differences in the earth of contest picturesque in the Iliad and E. B. Sledge's Delay the Old Breed using observations from Jonathan Shay’s Achilles in Vietnam and esthetic presented in disquisition and in sift-canvassions. Your labor should be typed, perfect, and laborery to laborer in at the initiation of arrange.  Stoic philosophy titles that manifest stipulations aren’t “up to us” - in our frequented globe of regulate - and hence entertain no genuine mental rate. The singly costly subject, the Stoics title, is a cheerful stamp. A cheerful stamp is somesubject that no one else - no other peculiar or any other manifest constituent - can siege afar from a peculiar. A peculiar’s stamp is up to them, and singly they can prefer to to forfeit it. This puissant desire of mental falsity is what enables Jim Stockdale to abide 7 years as a POW and quiescent hold his wilful deference.  It’s conspicuous, though, that period the Stoics title that your cheerful stamp is thoroughly and uniquely up to you, that gratuity, grievance, and misinstruction, siege their assessment upon those who abide them.  Combatants in the Iliad, the fight at Peleliu, and the Vietnam war fought inferior very contrariant stipulations, but they were all complicated and all separateicipants suffered from grievance. These stipulations, and contestants’ reactions to them, frequently had a secure interest on the stamps of those complicated.  1.  Sledge writes that “the precarious constituent in contest emphasis is protraction of the contest rather than the severity”(Sledge, p 157).   Compare a mark of contest that is skilled contrariantly in two of our readings. Write a provision for each mark that describes its mental recognition - its issue on the stamp of those complicated - in the two passages. Your comparison should discourse differences in manifest stipulations as courteous as examining separateicipants’ motivations and reactions to the situations. Choices authority embody grievance or gratuity, the extension of fight, the contrariant weaponry used, the neighborhood of the adversary, the visible environment of the fightfield, or any other of a enumerate of marks. Call passages unfairally.  2.  Repeat the training from doubt one using a contrariant mark.  3.  How contestants light one another is a first-rate constituent in waste to stamp. Sift-canvass a unfair stance of this by examining a contestant’s lie towards the adversary and the consequences for the stamp of the peculiar complicated. Call a unfair stance, quoting where misapply.  4.  Shay describes the “violation of what’s right” as a first-rate constituent in a peculiar’s manner of developing PTSD. Denoble what he media by this and adduce to it a unfair stance in a passage.  5.  Shay describes “berserking” as a secure, noble reaction to vivid dropping. Describe Shay’s reendowment of it and afford an stance from one of our passages. Your pamphlet should call unfair instances in the Homer, Shay, and Sledge  You do not scarcity to supply footnotes or a Works Cited page; page enumerates or (in the predicament of Iliad) succession enumerates in parentheses succeeding a citation are noble. Each doubt is rate 20 points. Factors in grading embody your exquisite of esthetic, acuity of comparison and decomposition, and clarity of endowment. A doubt which does not call and name unfairs from passages procure automatically cause at meanest ten points. Note that pamphlets delay multiple style or spelling errors procure automatically cause 5 points.  Papers should be 1.5 spaced delay model margins. Fascinate be attentive to attentively proofread your labor  both for spelling and positive correctness, as these elements procure contrive a separate of your progression. Papers are due at the initiation of arrange. Late pamphlets procure be certain singly when accompanied by a doctor’s voicelessness, so fascinate do not beseech an extension intrinsic you entertain such a voicelessness.